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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Ca Mau, Vietnam

Girls from Ca Mau, Vietnam
Girls from Ca Mau, Vietnam

A child sponsorship report from Ca Mau, Vietnam. Written in 2009.

Dear Friends who have kindly sponsored a child,

Christmas and New Year are always the season of peace and happiness! This spirit reminds us to convey our heartfelt gratitude to you for your support and keep you informed of the events and developments of SOS children Ca Mau over the year.

There’s a quite pleasant event that we would like to start with at the beginning of this year’s report: SOS Children International, the umbrella organization of our children’s villages worldwide has celebrated successfully 60th anniversary of SOS international. For during last time, SOS children’s villages have brought loving home for thousands of children all over the world.

A warm Home for Children

Since the early year 2009, we have had some investigations to admit new children, after following the requested procedures, we could give 20 children a new home within loving home, and they found themselves brothers and sisters in the SOS families. Until now, we have provided 217 children with care and education, 133 children are in the village, 25 children attending colleges and vocational training, and the others are working.

All mothers and aunts always pay attention to children’s meals, they have safe food regimen, and food has been improved regularly, providing nutrition to children. Nowadays, swine flu pandemic known as H1N1 flu  has been spreading throughout the world, this influenza is very dangerous however, good infection prevention measures can help protect us. We want to keep our children safe, healthy and learning, we help them follow precautionary measures diligently to control the disease to protect themselves and community.

Academic Performance

The our new schoolyear started in the early September, at the moment, there’re 126 children going to school from grade one to grade twelve. Most of them are diligent students and always try all their best with the support of their mother and older sisters. Many of them have been good pupils for many continuous years.


We always consider children’s learning is very important, we usually open extra-classes to foster knowledge for children. Especially, we plan to orient and tutor children of grade nine and twelve, so that they will have best understanding to overcome the final examination. We are very happy to inform you that six children who had graduated from senior high school in last June entered University and colleges in Chi Minh city. The success of the eldest children has become the great motivation for the younger in studying.


Besides studies, sports and other activities of the village are organised effectively. Children always get involved in classes of music, drawing, taekwondo and football… These activities help children relax after hard learning time and make them healthier.

We had a celebration on the occasion of 60th anniversary of SOS children’s villages on 23rd June. Children were very excited when attending the party, they also presented a nice performance with many pleasant songs and dance. They also showed many drawings that they expressed their feeling about village.

In late August, we held celebration in the village to honor outstanding children and to reward them with many prizes in late August. This makes a studying competition among children.

All the children enjoyed themselves in moon festival held in the village on the 15th of August (according to lunar calendar) with tables full of fruits, cakes and candies. Especially with lion dancing performance showed by the children themselves that made the night more exciting.

SOS Youth House

The house is getting bigger and bigger. Since summer season this year, twelve boys from the village have been moved to the house and in September, we did receive more four poor boys who received SOS scholarship. This has made the number of boys up to 69. Among them, there are 29 SOS boys, 6 poor boys, 19 boys working and the others are following the professional training program. Apart from studying at school, They all like sport, especially football and tabble tennis. Thus they always gather to play the sports in every afternoon. They also tidy up the Youth house and do gardening every day. Therefore, they usually have fresh and green vegetables in daily meals.

Child care by Mothers and Aunts

They play a very important role in SOS children’s village, they devoted their life for the work of bringing up children. Mothers and aunts club takes place monthly with useful topics: education, health, cooking... They also share their experiences about the cases of children and families. To achieve more progress among our mothers and aunts, we provided them the course in home management, food and nutrition, health hygiene and family life.

Feelings and impressions

In this Newsletter, we would like to tell a story about a boy in the SOS Children’s Village Ca Mau. He was born in a very poor family, unfortunately, his mother died of illness when he was a little boy. His father who could not bear in poverty left him alone. And he had to take shelter from his relatives but they were so poor too and they help him to SOS children’s village.

He was cared and protected by many people here, especially the love of his SOS mother, he has been grown up and mature. We always remember the moment that he bursted into tears when coming to SOS children’s village in the first time, he-a six-year-old boy seemed to be fearful to come a very strange place.

Being a boy, he quickly integrated new environment and he started school with the first grade of primary school later. However, he could not overcome grade 8 of junior high school because of his weak performance. He was so upset, he felt bored himself because he thought that failure in study meant that failure in life. And he became a despondent boy, he ignored all village’s activities and avoided meeting every one. It’s said that he could not overcome this fall. But not, thanks to his SOS mother, she gave him many advices and helped him during this difficult stage. He then decided to attend the course of carpentry, it’s a manual work. This work attracted him so much later, he was not afraid of heavy and difficulty, he was soon  proficient in his work.

Now he is a main worker in a furniture and decoration shop, he has worked there since he completed his course in year 2007. He was very happy when he can earn himself, for some next months he officially leaves SOS children’s village to stand on his own feet. his efforts was recognized, his success makes a good example for the others.

All above mentioned information is a summary of activities and developments of SOS Children’s Village Ca Mau during the year 2009. Thank you for your support and help through all these years. We would like to send you our best wishes for Season’s Greetings and wish you a Joyful and Happy New Year 2010!

Yours Sincerely,

Truong Van Nhim


SOS Children’s Village Cà Mau