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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Sponsored children from Bishkek
Sponsored children from Bishkek

A child sponsorship report from Kyrgyzstan. Written in 2009.

Dear Friends and Sponsors,

Even it is the only beginning of November we see beautiful snowflakes falling down and making us amaze at their beautiful figures. It seems like they are all the same but if to look carefully they all differ from each other. The same is with the children in SOS Children’s Village Bishkek: they are all children but each of them has his or her own particularity and they are all special to us. Just think the world would be so boring and ‘in black and white’ without children. They are the ones who make us happy and smile at small things.

It is joyful that we have such good friends and sponsors that have been continuously and untiringly supporting us for many years. All the children in SOS Children’s Village Bishkek and staff thankful for your generous heart and good care and wish you Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

As we have informed you in previous letter on 23rd of July Kyrgyz people have elected the President of Kyrgyzstan. It is his second election. The prices for public services have risen: particularly on gas, electricity and garbage for more than 30 percent unfortunately. Besides these sad news as inflation Bishkek city has changed a lot this year. There are new musical fountains on the main square of Bishkek and recreation centers in the city. Also some roads have been reconstructed this year.

As it is a tradition now let us start from the little statistics about SOS Children’s Village Bishkek. At present time there are 60 children living in 11 Family Houses with their lovely SOS-mothers. Because of the friendly atmosphere in the village, owing to the SOS mothers’ very good care and the pedagogical staff’s good work all the growing and developing processes are taking very good course in our children’s life.

Two of our SOS-mothers have transferred to ‘Running out families’ program in August. This program is for SOS-mothers who has only 1 or 2 children and whom the contract extension is not provided to.  

We have 19 youngsters living in Youth Facility I and 6 of them study in different colleges and lyceums, 5 youngsters just entered them this year.  One studies at higher institute. 4 teenagers work in several beauty salons, dancing centers and guard agencies and 4 youngsters are in Semi-Independent Living program. This is a general After Care Program, which lasts 3 years. When youngsters leave the Youth Facility, they begin to be supported by Semi-Independent Living program. At this stage SOS tries youngsters have their first work experience and be able to continue their lives independently.

In Youth Facility II there are 19 youngsters and 2 of them are in Semi-Independent Living program. Past summer 8 teenagers successfully entered higher institutes, 2 entered professional lyceum and Art College. 1 girl graduated from lyceum and now is working as an assistant of cook in a café, 1 is still working in pastry shop and doing great job. 5 of the youngsters keep studying in higher institutes.

In Youth Facility III there are 10 youngsters and 7 of them study in different technical schools and professional lyceums. One of the girls keeps studying hard in the best university of Kyrgyzstan and 1 entered the Medical Institute in summer.

It has been about a month since we have welcomed 4 children to SOS Children’s Village Bishkek. Even it is a totally new society for them because of their SOS-mothers’ tender care their development is taking very good course and they feel like almost home now. They are all very sweet!

Good news: The repair work is done well in Youth Facility II and the youngsters successfully have moved there in September. They are all happy that the repair work is done finally.
As you probably remember Dilmurat, a youngster from the Youth Facility II was supposed to leave to London for International Chemistry competition on the 18th of July. He made it! And he took the 3rd place. Dilmurat is the proud of SOS Children’s Village Bishkek!

Children of SOS Children’s Village Bishkek and youngsters of Youth Facilities had a lot of fun in summer camps getting rest in Issyk-kul Lake. Issyk-kul is the pearl of our country and many people are amazed by its natural beauty. After good rest all the children were ready to start the new school year with new energy and strength.

As it has been a tradition now we celebrated the Teacher’s Day in the beginning of October. It was a fabulous holiday with interesting concert and performances. All were involved in organization of this holiday especially SOS-mothers and children.

In fall our doctor vaccinated the children against flu and pretty sure that they won’t be ill this winter. Also she often conducts deepened analysis of the physical examination and keeps track of the children’s health all the time. 

New Year celebration is coming up soon! It is one of the main holidays in SOS Children’s Village Bishkek life. All of the kids, children and youngsters wait for miracle in New Year’s Eve. We hope that we will organize unforgettable holiday this year.

At the end of our letter from the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you so much for your generous heart and continuing support that you provide for the children of SOS Children’s Village Bishkek. Your untiring participation in the lives of children and our village is very important for us. You are making great difference in many lives!

Once again we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010!

With best regards,

Mrs. Gulzada Moldobekova 
Interim Village Director