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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Battonya, Hungary

Sponsored child from Battonya
Sponsored child from Battonya

A child sponsorship report from Battonya in Hungary. Written in 2009.


Dear Friends and child sponsors,

Although the start of this year wasn’t too easy I can tell you that the International SOS-Organisation could cope with the crisis very well. Because of the difficult financial situation in Hungary the International Organisation has supported us and they assured us of their help so that none of our facilities should be closed. The co-workers have done everything to economize on supply. They also called the attention of the children to economize on water or electricity. 

Although we are in a financial crisis we could carry out all of our programs but in a moderate way. Moreover, we could also make some developments. We had the  playground enlarged with toys so that they suit EU norms and even the face of the children’s village became much nicer. We have changed the dark brown colour of the wooden parts of the houses to a light brown colour with a shade of red so they are much friendlier now. This material also protects the surfaces.

This summer didn’t pass without summer camps. At the end of June there was a premium camp for the best pupils and all of the children could go to in different camps during the month of July. Small children stayed in the children’s village for financial reasons but they could have a lot of fun on the playground too.  Pupils of the primary school could spend 4 unforgettable weeks in the Italian city of Caldonazzo in the international SOS summer camp. We only had to pay for the cost of transport.  Pupils of the secondary school were working during the whole summer so we didn’t organized any holiday for them. Some of them worked in the capital, in Budapest, other children at Lake Balaton. We were happy about the positive feed back we got from everywhere they had worked.  In July there was a sailing regatta organized for all SOS-children at Lake Balaton, which was a great adventure not only for the children but also for all co-workers. 3 from our children could also take part in a regatta on the Adria in October. They were on two boats and they got the 2nd and the 4th place. From September on our children go to nursery and  to school. The most of their time during the day is occupied by school and learning. In the afternoons they have one-to-one tutoring or they take part in language clubs or in clubs for arts and crafts and a lot of children learn dancing folk dances.   They also dance at almost every weekend in different places.

In the Autumn holiday there were diverse entertainment programmes organized like film projections, visits to factories but also several skilfulness-competitions.

Christmas is approaching and our children have already received a lot of invitations for different national programs. The Christmas holiday is usually held in the communal house in the children’s village and we decorate the Christmas tree together. The families celebrate Christmas Eve at their houses because this is a family holiday.

Dear friend, let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of all our children and co workers. We also thank you for all your care and support we have received from you during this year.
Szabolcs Németh
Village director