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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Bangui in Central African Republic

Sponsored Children from Bangui, Central African Republic
Sponsored Children from Bangui, Central African Republic

A child sponsorship report from Bangui in Central African Republic. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,  

With the rainy season, the green and the freshness invaded the village. We benefit from this to share with you, while thanking you for your generous support for SOS Children of Central African Republic some information on the daily of the village since the last 6 months.  

The village welcomes 1O9 children currently of which 53 boys, 56 girls. The age of these children range between thirteen (13) months and fifteen years.  29 new children have been admitted at the village. The year started by beauty bus after the feasts of Christmas and New year, the families and the community got involved to heart joy in the festivities marking the celebration of the feast of June 23 commemorating the day of the SOS children villages all over the world and the closing of the doors of the school institutions. The children had fun a lot with their multiple disguises, and danced to the rhythm of the “coupé décalé” an Ivoirian dance and the local music.   

Fifty three young previously to Community I passed to the step II following stage of their social rehabilitation.  

This year the school institutions granted a lot of effort on the local realities, through the research of the actions centred on the local tales, which entailed the blossoming of the children that has the easiness of expression. The confection of books for children for the tales; the involvement of the children to a theatrical production in the SOS Primary school were encouraged. The confection of playful materials, through the carving, the collage and drawing of the objects, more than 200 materials have been made.   

The medical centre continues its program of support to the infected people living with the VIH / AIDS that is a crucial problem in Central African Republic through sensitizations and the supports in ARV.   

The Family Strengthening Programme continues its program of support to the 1653 children living in 400 families.   

Several important events marked the semester it is about of:

• The death of a child of the Village due to drowning in the month of January; 
• The receipt of a grant to live and of a sum of 100.000 F CFA offered by Mrs. TIMI, wife of the president of the commission of CEMAC in the month of January 2OO9. 
• The exit of 3 girls of the village because of pregnancy; 
• The free delivery by the township of Bangui in March 2OO9 of birth certificates for 14 new children admitted to the Village of SOS children (VESOS)  
• A child's internment for one month to the service of psychiatry for treatment in March 2OO9. 
• The celebration of the woman's international day (March 08, 2OO9) 
• The lay off of the Director of the Village for heavy mistake  
• The lay off of four guards for deletion of job. 
• The promotion of a youth trainer to the job of village Director of Bouar 
• The recruitment of a new director of the village of Bangui 
• A Mother's promotion to the youth trainer 
• An Aunt's promotion to SOS  Mother's job 
• The departure of the institutions of an Aunt SOS 
• The recruitment of two Aunts  
• The celebration to the feast of SOS children Village
• The remittance of funds of sponsorships to the young came out of the program  

For the supplementary units the events are the next one: 
• The formation of the educational staff on the convention of the child's rights,  
• The formation of the Director of the Garden of SOS children and the preschool teacher to the accountant plan named  NAVISION 
• The honorary distinction in the order of the deserves work to Mrs. BROUKA Jacqueline nursery manager and to the preschool teacher named NASSIR Alguèche NAÏRAMA   
• The death of the preschool teacher named NASSIR NAÏRAMA Alguèche  
• The celebration of the “African child Day” by the Reinforcement Family program on the theme " The call for an acceleration of survival actions in favour of the child" 
• Educational talk on the auto medication to the intention of the recipients of the Reinforcement Family program
• Organization of formation on the "Woman's Right to the intention of the staff of Reinforcement Family program
• The suspension of the support of the World food program to the Village in the setting of the help Program to the Children of Institution; 
• The opening of a job of responsible of the management of public funds 
• The launching of the struggle Program against the malaria in the 8 precincts of Bangui  


• The problem of power cut  
• The frequent water cut  
• The problem of conservation of food (2 non functional freezers) 
• The number limited of vehicle  
• The out-flow of the products manufactured by Reinforcement Family program
• Frequent rupture of the products of laboratory and medicines 


• A guide's development for the education to the sexuality within the Village 
• The pursuit of the preparation of the young of the Village candidates to the transfer in the communities  
• The pursuit of the process of insertion of the young placed by the auto use 
• The staff's formation on the protective policy of the child 
• The analysis of the school results of the 2nd quarter  
• The realization of the social investigation for the admission of new children to the Village. 
• To equip the SOS nursery of computer tools 
• The Initiation of the  staff to the data processing 
• The research of partners for the educational and financial support in the domain of incomes generating activities 
• To increase the capacity of the laboratory  
• To open a deposit of medicines of Action Médéor  

Please do receive dear sponsor, our cordial greetings and our deep acknowledgments for your support and your generosity.  

The National Director