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SOS Children's Villages began working in Kazakhstan in 1997 when the first community was established in Almaty, the former capital. There are now three Villages in the country caring for children between the age of eighteen months and 15 years … more about our charity work in Kazakhstan

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Astana, Kazakhstan

Sponsored child from Astana
Sponsored child from Astana

A child sponsorship report from Astana in Kazakhstan. Written in 2009.

Dear child sponsor,

Another year of interesting life of Astana Village, full of various events comes to the end and we would like to share with you the latest news. First of all I would like to stress that thanks to your generous support towards our children and the whole Village everything is going very well. 

There are 83 children in 14 family houses at the age from 8 to 18. Among them 16 youths - candidates to the second Youth Facility, this will open in the beginning of next year. Half of them study at local Colleges; others - are pupils of the ninth form of the secondary school.

Teenagers are well informed about further life in youth facility. Under guidance of tutors they learnt and analyzed their needs in sphere of personal growth and personal development; programs for every teenager which provide emotional and social development, professional orientation, etc. are compiled. The youth house is situated not far from the Village; it takes about 20 minutes to get there by bus.Great event in the story of our Village was the opening of the first Youth Facility. At last, after long suspense, it was opened in May and 16 youngsters moved there. From the first days they feel this house as their own. Certainly they miss their own SOS families and it’s a reason of their frequent visits to the village.

This year the attempt to provide our youth with summer job was rather successful: half of teenagers were working during summer vacations. Three of them now have constant and rather well paid job.

In June four girls from youth facility participated in a Republic Dance Competition ‘Tan-Sholpan 2009’. They won the third place among 26 dance groups! It was a great success for our girls, they liked it very much!

In September six SOS mothers from ‘SOS Children Village Cholpon-Ata’ (Kyrgyzstan) visited our village. Mothers changed their experience, shared ways and methods of child up-brining. It was a very useful and fruitful meeting for SOS mothers.

At the beginning of October an International Day of elderly people was celebrated. Our children organized a concert in the House for elderly people. Old people were very happy to see the guests and were touched that children and teenagers remember them. In their turn children understood to some extent how terrible it is to be left all alone, without support and care of relatives.

Dear Friend,
This year was difficult for many countries and many people. SOS-Children International is also going through difficult times. But we can say:
The world is small as we are told,
But there are people with hearts of gold
With these words we wish to thank your big heart and big hearts of many other people all over the world who support the children. Thank you a lot!