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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Almaty, Kazakhstan

Sponsored child from Almaty
Sponsored child from Almaty

a child sponsorship report from Almaty in Kazakhstan. Written in 2009.

Dear Child Sponsors,

Global financial crisis made a strong impact on Kazakhstan economy. Steady reduction of petroleum prices weakened the core of our economy; one of the key industries - construction is stagnating now. More strict conditions of funding in the international markets have complicated possibilities to attract external financing for the Kazakhstan banks, and as the consequence, current liquidity and solvency crisis provoked serious problems of small- and middle-scale business. Rate of unemployment in Kazakhstan constantly increases; inflation rate is also increasing. Under existing conditions the Government, of course, makes steady efforts to raise the national economy.

It became more difficult for people to find a job. For that reason Youth facility co-workers are trying to provide skills trainings, various courses for our youths and help them to find a job.

One of main achievements of our association was agreement with the Government according to which SOS Villages since January 2009 receive state subsidies. It allows us to cover the part of annual running costs by local resources.

Life of the Village is full enough with different cultural events. Most unforgettable this year was Nauriz - Muslim New Year holiday celebrated in March. Kazak, Russian, Uigur, Ukrainian, Belarus, Uzbek, Korean and American traditions were represented there. Children were highly motivated and very active during this holiday.

March was also remembered for citizens of the village with the breakage of electric pump of heating system. We were lucky that in March it’s already not cold in Almaty but anyway we went through several unpleasant days. Thanks to one local company that donated us two electric pumps, supply of hot water and heating resumed.

SOS Family Strengthening program gives support to single mothers of Almaty city. The coworkers of the program organize various psychological trainings like ‘peculiarities in upbringing of children with disabilities’, ‘Relations of parents and children’, etc. In February co-workers organized “Parents Matinee” where single mothers got acquainted with each other and spoke about problems of their families. Later on free consultations of doctors and free massage for children were organized.

This is only a small part of routine life with various activities, events and experiences of our SOS Children’s Village Almaty, which could be impossible to happen without you, your love, care and financial support. Again we would like to thank you, Dear Friend, for all you do for us and wish you long and happy life!

On behalf of our children and mothers,

Dolkun Akhmetov
Village Director

Markhabat Omarova
National Sponsorship Coordinator