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Child Sponsorship Update 2009 from Vari, Greece

Sponsored children from Vari, Greece
Sponsored children from Vari, Greece

A 2009 child sponsorship update from Children's Village Vari, Greece,


Vari, Greece, December 2009                                                             

Dear friends and sponsors,
While leaving behind us one more year, we are commencing again with many dreams, new goals and new hopes, that this year will be even more productive and full of surprises for all of us.

From our side, we are once more in the pleasant position to inform you on all those that took place in our village during the last semester:


•      On 03/06, representatives of the TV production "With Love" visited our Village and made a small documentary dedicated to the SOS Children’s Village of Vari.
•       On 19/06, Johnson & Johnson company organized in the theatre of the Village an event with the theme “Scream of the Fish” that involved  environmental activities for the children.
•       On 26 and 27/06, a series of events was organized that included activities for children and cultural events with the title “Children and the world” in the “Technopolis” multi-use centre of the Municipality of Athens. The festival was realized in celebration of the 60 years of activity of the International Organization of SOS Children’s Villages across 135 countries globally.

 July - August

•       Beginning of July, the camping program was ready and the first departures of children had already begun. July and August are by tradition the months during which older children are invited in a camp. Their joy cannot be described in words !!!
•       On 17/07, 31/07 and 14/08, a group of children, accompanied by Educators of the Village viewed in the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus “Alkistis” of Evripidis, “Perses” of Aischylos and “Ornithes” of Aristofanis respectively.


•      On 15/09 in the Zachariades room, a theatrical play with shadow puppets was presented with the theme “the weddings of George”. The children enjoyed the show and laughed with their soul.
•      On 19/09, the children visited and were guided in the Attica Zoo. The children also viewed the presentation of a children’s book by members of the European Commission.  


•       On 6/10, TV channel ΝΕΤ visited our Village and made a small documentary dedicated to the SOS Children’s Village of Vari.
•       On 7/10, our children visited the sports facilities at Agios Kosmas in order to watch the training of the Greek National Football Team. The children had a great time and took photos with their favorite players.
•       On 17/10/2009 our children visited Theatre “Rex” and watched the opening play of the theatrical play “Magic Pillows” of Eugene Trivizas. 
•       At the premises of the Village the seminars for computers, art and music commenced that our children and others in the Municipality of Vari waited for with great joy. 


•       On 7/11 our children participated in the Bazaar that was organized by SOS Children. There they played, painted, sung and had lots of fun.
•       On 14/11, 30 children watched a match of the National Team of Football. 14 of the children escorted the players on the football grounds and enjoyed the atmosphere of the match.       


•       On 4/12, the Muppet Theatre of the Municipality of Athens visited the Children’s village and presented to our children a wonderful play on the Christmas theme.
•       On 5/12, Coca-Cola company organized a celebration in the Village inside the Zachariades room. Our children danced and sang with their soul.
•      On 12/12, “Geitonas” school organized a wonderful music event in the Zachariades room of the Children’s Village. All the children had an unforgettable time. 
•       On 13/12 , four families of the Village participated in the event organized by 3E company in the "Intercontinental" hotel. There, numerous Christmas surprises awaited the children and Santa Claus with wonderful presents
•       On 18/12  a representative of Luis Vuitton company, visited a house of the Village. Many Christmas surprises awaited the children.
•       On 19/12 a family of the Village tasted the Christmas atmosphere at the Children’s party that was organized by the “Grande Bretagne” Hotel for the employees and friends of the Village.
•      On 20/12 at the premises of the Village in the Zachariades room, the doctors of IKA (a national insurance organization) organized one more great Christmas celebration with many surprises for the children.
•       On 23/12 the National Basketball Team visited the premises of the SOS Children’s Village.  Our children received many Christmas gifts and autographs from their favorite players.
 •       On 27/12 the National Volleyball Team organized a beautiful Christmas celebration for our children.
The Village is full of decorated Christmas trees with hundreds of small lights, that brighten even further the festive season and also our hearts. The greatest warmth however comes from the community of people, starting from the children themselves that cannot hide their enthusiasm, joy and smiles during the festive season that is full of toys, Christmas trees, multi-color lights, carols, school holidays and delightful tastes!

The employees of the SOS Children’s Village hand-in-hand with the children are awaiting for a new year full of hope for a joyful tomorrow.

We thank you for your warmth and caring, and for the unconditional love that you offer us.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

With kind regards,

Peter Papadakis
Village Director