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Child sponsorship update 2009 from Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Child sponsorship Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Child sponsorship Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Sponsor's update report 2009 from the SOS Children's Village Tashkent, Uzbekistan

With the approach of a Christmas and a New Year there comes a time to present you the recent changes and events in our SOS Children’s Village Tashkent.  Above all, please, accept our appreciation and gratitude for your reliable support and participation in our Village life.  Let this New Year bring to you and your family prosperity, happiness and eternal bliss.

The most momentous event for Children’s Village Tashkent this year became an opening of the Youth facility no.1 in Tashkent where 12 our youngsters found their new home and started preparing for an independent life. The Government of Uzbekistan granted premises to SOS Uzbekistan and an oil company supported with the repair works. Now our youngsters live in a fully loaded comfortable facility and attend their colleges and universities. Another big event in the history of SOS Children Uzbekistan became a beautiful wedding of our 20-year old SOS girl from the Youth Facility no.1 – Barchinoy. Now she lives together with her husband in their own house and keeps close contact with her SOS Mother, educators and SOS brothers and sisters.

From the beginning of 2009 there was a new boy admitted to the Village and is now passing his adaptation period. At the moment there are 71 children living in the Village; 11 youngsters in the Youth Facility no.1, 7 youngsters – in the Youth Facility no.2.  4 adolescents are taking their first steps into independent life and are receiving support from semi independent living programme. At the same time they are employed and have their own money. 1 child – Rustam has reunited with his biological family and left the Children's Village.

This year many events have been organised for general development of SOS children. In January, children spent their winter vacations in a camp. Also there was held an action for children on the theme ‘My privacy! Do not look, do not poke about!’ Within the bounds of this activity there was held a discussion about the meaning of the term ‘privacy’ and explanatory work on adequate understanding of private life.

As every year, in March, SOS Children’s Village Tashkent celebrated the long-expected national holiday ‘Navruz’ (oriental New Year). Many famous national singers and other village guests came together to mark this day with SOS children. In April, the participants of sports club on ‘kurash’ (national wrestling) took part in a competition in Ferghana city where one of SOS children won the third prize place. In May, the representatives of Football Club of Uzbekistan ‘Bunyodkor’ visited our Village for introduction with its activity and lifestyle. During the meeting, the guests presented sports uniforms to 20 Village football team players, played a friendship match with them and took memorable pictures. The mentioned month was notable for the village girls also. The Village dance group ‘Shodlik’ (Joy) participated in a festival, where they had opportunity to show their dances, talk to peers and make new friends. 

The International Children’s Day was celebrated at the Village as ‘Child Protection Day’ in June. On the same day there was celebrated the 60th anniversary of SOS Children International.  All Village friends and guests congratulated SOS Children’s Village Tashkent and gave presents to SOS families and children. During the summer vacations children visited parks, exhibitions, cultural events and theatres. 60 children spent their summer vacations in summer camps.  

The celebration of the Independence Day of our republic and 2200th anniversary of its capital Tashkent was held with joy at the Village and throughout the country.

For the professional development of SOS mothers/aunts and the educational team many training sessions were held including: ‘Work with difficult children’, ‘Individual and group supervisions’, ‘Mutual understanding and contact without words’, ‘Co-operation and trustful relations’.

In order to prevent child abandonment SOS Children’s Villages of Uzbekistan extends its work thru Family strengthening programme. By means of this programme we try to empower socially vulnerable families with self-reliance and ability to help themselves. This year we launched a new educational project ‘Quality improvement in public schools and nursery schools’, directed at improving the quality of education. We supply schools and kindergartens with necessary books and computers and organise various trainings for staff capacity building.

For the time being, SOS children begin to prepare for the celebration of New Year.

On behalf of SOS Children’s Village Tashkent we thank you for your trust and highly appreciate your contribution!

With our very best wishes for Christmas and New Year,

Yours sincerely,
Village Director
Khusayn Rustamov