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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Zarate, Peru

Sponsored Children from Zarate
Sponsored Children from Zarate

A child sponsorship report from Zarate in Peru. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors:

We are so pleased to give you herewith our kindest regards in the name of the children, youths, and their families, living at the SOS Children´s Village Zarate. The Children´s Village shelters currently 128 children and youths. 27 young people are living in four Youth Facilities (two for young ladies and two for young men), while 36 children have been reinserted into their biological families, still with the support of SOS. We are proud to announce that 19 young people are about to start their independent life, after having concluded their technical and university careers.

During the summer months (January and February) several family trips to the beach were organized (we are very close to the coast). For adolescents and young people of ages between 13 and 18 workshops on topics such as Self-esteem, Motivation, Personal Development, and Team Work were held. For the rest of the children there were many other summer workshops to choose, such as Bakery, Sport training, Music, Dance, etc. These activities highly contribute to their integral development and help them enhance their skills and identify their interests.

The new school year started in March. All the children in school age were very excited looking forward to the first school day, when they would see their classmates and teachers again. Many of them were also excited about the possibility of making use of their shiny new school supplies, and wearing their new uniforms (clear sign that they had grown taller during the summer holidays). The little ones were not so excited, as they had to be apart from mom for several hours. Some of them cried and would have preferred to stay home playing and watching TV, but their loving new teachers and their moms convinced them that it would also be fun to stay. For many students it is their last school year, and the excitement grows as the day of their class trip approaches. The determined ones have already made the decision with regard to the career they want to follow…

By the end of March we signed a social responsibility agreement with the company KOMATSU MITSUI Maquinarias, thanks to which the children and youths from our Children´s Village will have the opportunity to take part in different activities programmed by the company for this year. The program started with a guided visit to an assembly plant. The young visitors showed big interest on the process and were honored with a special show with small prizes and competitions at the end of the visit.

In May we celebrated the Week of the Family in coordination with the Family Strengthening Programs (SOS Community Center and SOS Social Center Huascar). The celebration consisted in artistic performances offered by children and youths from the Children´s Village and from the Childminding Programs who were very proud to show their talent for dancing and singing.

The Family Strengthening and Community Development Program through the Community Center supports currently 90 children of ages between 3 and 5 members of 80 families from the surrounding communities. They all benefit from the pedagogical and nutritional services provided by the centre. The services provided include also a program for the prevention of child abuse. Their mothers are also trained in topics such as personal and family development, positive childraising guidelines, and self-esteem. Through the labor workshops they have the possibility of developing new skills and therefore to access to better work opportunities.

To celebrate the World Environment Day on June 5th, the construction of the bio-orchard was initiated, with the financial support of the company KOMATSU MITSUI and of the Municipality of Lima. Children and young people of the Children´s Village, as well as co-workers of KOMATSU MITSUI took enthusiastically part in this event.

The co-workers of the supermarket chain Supermercados Peruanos visited us and shared a whole day with the families. They helped the family members with the household and in the kitchen. Before going back home, they offered a wonderful show with clowns and very entertaining games.

In the framework of the program for young people with entrepreneurial skills ‘Junior Achievement Peru’, the San Ignacio de Loyola University, youths of the Children´s Village attended 5 sessions of conferences and workshops about work experiences in the real world. The participants were encouraged to identify their own potentials and interests in order to have the tools they need to make the right choice with regard to their professional life, and to access the very competitive labor market. For many of them (especially for the age group 13-16) the idea of having their own business did not seem so remote anymore, as they were challenged to create their own company project. For the little ones there was a special program called Project Specialist - KidsALIVE! offered by GenACTS Club International through free English lessons on Saturdays, for those children with outstanding school grades in English.

After having shared with you some of the highlights at the Children´s Village, we would very much like to thank yo for your valuable support, thanks to which all these achievements could not have been possible. Thank you very much!

Yours faithfully,

Saúl B. Flores Arroyo
SOS Children´s Village Zarate