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When Hurricane Mitch struck Honduras in 1998, SOS Children Villages mounted an emergency relief programme providing shelter, food and medicines for over 3000 families. Because of the large numbers of orphans and neglected children left in its wake, a new Village was built in one of the worst affected areas in southern Honduras. The Village has 10 family houses which are home to 90 children … more about our charity work in Honduras

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Valle de Angeles, Honduras

Sponsored child from Valle de Angeles
Sponsored child from Valle de Angeles

A child sponsorship report from the Valle de Angeles, Honduras.

Dear Sponsor,

On behalf of all the SOS families, and staff of the SOS Children Village Valle de Angeles- Honduras, let us give each one of you very especial greetings by expressing our gratefulness for your constant support that makes it possible for us to continue giving the children a great environment full of love, protection, respect, meeting their needs as they go along way with the priceless gift of having a family.

As always it is a really pleasure to share with each of you some of the events developed in the life of the children and young from this village.

This SOS Children Village have a population of 72 children and young also there is the SOS Community of Young Girls where is living 10 young woman and Community for Young boys living there 23 men.  Through last year and the present many children and young have had returned to live with their biological families, other have had moved to other local villages and other returned to other villages of Central America, where they were born, giving to them the opportunity to came back with their relatives if they are in good social, economic and affective conditions to receive and integrate them in the familiar life.  When they have been moved to other village, also have the opportunity to improve their  psychosocial develop, language, behavior, and hygiene habits.

With the most independent young thanks to the support of the Chamber of Commerce in this capital a group of young began tree micro-business, where they have started with the processing mops to wick, some snacks made of vegetables, harvest of some vegetables, they have made it with the aid of the person in charge of the maintain of the gardens of the village.

Also we have integrated to young boys in the Cabinetmaking and Carpenter workshop in the National Center of Professional Training with the possibility that each one of them get permanent job in the workshop and in the future could to get their independence life.

The young boy Jesus, is integrated in the Special Training Center (Cecaes) in the bakery workshop, he will get his diploma at end of this year, he is very enthusiastic and the future he would like to has his own bread shop, he says wants to work in this occupation and help in the economic area to his SOS mother when she will be old.  It shows the level of affection and identification with their SOS mothers.

We have a group of ten young who are integrating the Sportive activities  for the Special Olympic they had the opportunity to represent us in many times in local and international places, it is reason to feel pride themselves and to us too, it shows the goals they can get and the goodwill to get ahead.

This year we have proposed to increase the fundraising and all the mothers and aunts and other staff in this village have being involucrate with the activities developed through these months between them we can mentioned as:  The soccer championship, played in the field of this village, and other teams of the community comes to play here then we take advantage to sell some snacks and drinking of fruits.   These activities are very pleasant to the visitors and admire the beautiful environment and the climate in our village.  The young and children look forward very enthusiastic and glad the Sundays when it is carried out this soccer games.

On the beginning of May of the present year, we got a donation of 30 wheelchairs; they have been very useful the older wheelchairs were much damaged.

Between the important dates in the first months of the year we can mention as the “Mother’s Day” where the mothers have special celebration, getting presents, flowers, loving hugs from each one of their children and young.  The principal of this village rewards them and offer a special dinner for the efforts and devotion, many of them have dedicated their life to take care of the children with many special needs and over all give them all the love they need.  

It has been really pleasure to share with you our news and we thank you for your kind collaboration for the benefit of the children and young.

Sincerely yours,