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Child Sponsorship Report 2009 from Trjavna, Bulgaria

Sponsored child from Trjavna, Bulgaria
Sponsored child from Trjavna, Bulgaria

A child sponsorship report from Trjavna, Bulgaria. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors,

First of all, I would like to express our deep gratitude for your valuable support during these difficult times of world financial crisis. Thank you for staying with us!  Christmas is coming close and it is time to report our activities to you as our partner in the joint mission - upbringing needy children in SOS Children’s Village Trjavna.  

At the end of 2009, presently sixty-two children at the age between three and fourteen years live in the village. Thirteen of them are under eight years of age and forty-nine are above eight years of age. At the beginning of the school year in September eight children moved from the SOS children’s village to the SOS youth facilities in Veliko Tarnovo to continue their education in vocational schools. Two boys and one girl, after completing seventh grade, successfully took the difficult entrance exams and were admitted to study in good vocational schools in the fields of Economics, Tourism, and Information technologies.  At the moment fourteen boys and fifteen girls live in our SOS Youth Facilities and receive their education in Veliko Tarnovo town.

In the Semi-Independent Leaving Program presently twenty-nine young adults begin to experience their life as grown-ups. Fifteen of them already have a job and nine are supported by our co-workers in finding a permanent job, although it is not an easy task at these times. We are proud to say that we have five university students – two of them study at the technical universities in the towns of Russe and Varna, one girl studies at the Veliko Tarnovo University and one boy continues his master degree at the Academy of Arts in Sofia capital.

During the passed year in SOS Children’s Village Trjavna we admitted two boys and four girls and in that way we gave them a good chance to live and develop in the best care in Bulgaria. They have all already adapted successfully in the SOS families and to the new environment in the village.  The children are accommodated according to the Child Protection Law and are strictly from the Region with administrative center Gabrovo town, in which Trjavna is situated. This is important, because we refrain from accommodating children from other regions of the country, so that the children’s accommodation is successful in terms of giving a better chance to work jointly also with their families of origin. The social worker is doing her best towards supporting the children and their families of origin, so that the bond between them remains unbroken and where possible to improve it, even strengthen it.  According to the regulations of the Bulgarian legislation some of the children living in the village are entered also in the national and international adoption registries as the Bulgarian government recons that it is an important measure for finding home and family for each child. 

The children from SOS Children’s Village Trjavna study at the local school in Trjavna village. We actively cooperate with the teachers in order to be maximally efficient for the best of the children and the entire local Trjavna society. Three of the children are supported additionally by a tutor, whom they work together with in order to complete the losses in their education, which come mainly from the social negligence and the difficult life conditions, which they used to live in before coming to SOS. In their self-preparation all children in the village are supported by two tutors, who have the responsibility to also help them prepare for the final exams of the respective educational level and help them prepare for the next educational level entrance exams.   A speech therapist actively works with twenty-three children from the village and six children are supported by specialized psycho-therapy.   All children relay on the professional work provided by our village psychologist and the two pedagogues.

The last ones are especially active in the realization of the large variety of outdoor activities for the children. The sports - football, basketball and volleyball develop the children physically and spiritually. Especially successful were our youngest footballers, who won in October the traditional tournament under the aegis of the Professional Football League’s boss. The sections of modern ballet, folklore dances and folklore singing also gather lots of participants among the children, who joyfully attend their favorite activities. The new volunteer from the Peace Corp also participates with desire in the village life with sports activities and English language courses which she and her friends from the Corp organize for the children.

Again this summer we continued the good tradition of organizing summer camps for the children. End of July and beginning of August we were at the Black Sea resort Lozenets, where with the support of the hotel animators and the life-guards on the beach we provided unforgettable experiences to the children from eight to fourteen years old. For the first time we held a summer camp for the youngest children - two to seven-year-olds, who, under the cares of the psychologist and the helping-aunts, experienced wonderful days by the sea.  For a second consecutive year the children from a couple of SOS families together with their SOS mothers participated in an eko-camp organized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and spent beneficial and exciting days in the resort Banja village situated in the Pirin Mountain.

The International Day of SOS Children’s Villages – 23 June – traditionally is held every year and is marked by a rich artistic program with active participation of the children and the village’s guests, a discothèque and, of course – fireworks.  

In the beginning of 2009 the Bulgarian Child Protection Law was changed in direction of developing more services for out-of-home children and protection of children’s personal data. Right now we actively work towards holding procedures for child personal data usage according to the legislation changes.  We negotiate with local and state authorities for a better statue of the SOS Children’s Village services, which would give more stability to the life of all children. 

We shall continue to do our best in helping the children entrusted to our care until they are independent grown up adults and citizens of Bulgaria and the European Union.

Now we are all getting ready to meet the forthcoming Christmas holidays. The children, the SOS mothers and all of us are looking forward a better year to come ahead. I would like to thank you again for all your support and for your partnership in the name of the best for the children in SOS Children’s Village Trjavna!

I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2010 Year!

Yours sincerely,

Ivan Hristofforov
Village Director