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Children from CV Tirana Albania
Children in Albania face life growing up in one of Europe's poorest and least developed countries. Many drop out of school to work instead, while girls are vulnerable to human trafficking. The standard of care for lone children is very low, and it is this which prompted SOS Children's Villages to begin work in Albania in 1992. … more about our charity work in Albania

Child Sponsorship Report 2009 from Tirana, Albania

Children Sponsored from Tirana, Albania
Children Sponsored from Tirana, Albania

A child sponsorship report from Tirana in Albania. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors and Friends of our Children,

On October 2009 the 13 SOS Families celebrated the 13th anniversary of SOS village foundation. Many generations have been grown up there, once vulnerable children and now strong and self-reliant youngsters to be independent and successful in their lives.
Dear friend, in this achievement your continued support has been very important and precious to us. Consequently, on behalf of all the children, mothers and our staff we Thank You!

Currently, the SOS children’s villages has become a warm shelter for 76 children of age 3 years-old up to 15 years-old. Other 10 children became part of SOS families, who have brought joy and vitality to them. The organized welcome from the SOS mothers and other children made to the new children find the family they miss. Meanwhile, four of SOS children have taken the status of the youngster transferred to the youth communities.
On September 2009, six SOS children got enrolled in the first grade getting together with the part of the class.The most beautiful moment was when one of the children planted one bine in the school yard, a tradition that continues for years.

There are twenty youngsters living in the two youth communities and most of them is enrolled in the high school, mainly the vocational school.The youngsters who are not attending any high school have been enrolled in different vocational courses. With the support of the staff our youngsters are being prepared for the semi-indipendence and for the full independence programme. During this year, eight youngsters became part of the
semi-indipendence programme and the number of the youngsters attending the university is increased. Two youngsters have finished the high school with very good results and have been granted scholarships in private universities and one of them is a student in AUBG in the branch of electroninc engineering. The SOS Children’s Villages study in the school that is situated within our village together with the children from the community. Our pedagogical staff is a big support for the children who are helped for their studies when it is needed. Two of the children pedagogues work individually with the children during their exams period. Also, very important is to hire part-time teachers who can help the children that do not do well in school.

An important part of our organization are the Family Strengthening Projects that this year have increased the number of beneficiares and the quality of their services. During 2009, the number of the familes supported from them reached 268 and 684 are chidren.
These families are mainly rom or families with one parent, etc. Extracurricular activities where children have been part of are sportive competitions like voleball etc. With a great pride we mention here the volleyball team of school which took part in the championship of the high schools and the boys team took the second place, whereas the girls team the third one. Our children have also taken part in the national volleyball championship. Our children are dedicated not only to the sportive activities but also to foreign languages and drawing, dancing and poetry writing. The youngsters have felt helpful taking part of the Leaving care project. They have taken part in meetings with other youngsters , have developed an action  plan and have issued their own newspaper. The summer holidays were too entairtaining for them in the south of Albania. They went in summer activities held there. For the new children of the village these holidays were even more amusing because they saw the see for the very first time.

Our organization celebrated on 23 June the 60th anniversary of the SOS International with musical shows and barbeque. The particularity of this celebration was the auction held with the pictures of the SOS children,  school children.The paintings were too successful and the guests bought the most of them showing their humanity.
This year the Village Director recruitment was too important and the selected candidate showed a great dedication since the beginning. In one of the youth facilities a new youth lider joined and the campaign of recruitment of the new SOS mothers is in process in order to better fulfill the needs of our children.

Dear Friend on behalf of all our children that live in SOS village, our SOS mothers and other staff and on behalf of me we wish you all the best for the coming year!

Merry Cristams and Happy New Year 2010!
We are grateful to your contribution!

Best Regards,

Mimoza Manaj
SOS Children’s Village Director