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Children in Ecuador often face an impoverished upbringing. As parents turn to alcohol, drugs and violence, children are often left to pick up the pieces. SOS Children's Villages has worked to save damaged lives in Ecuador for over half a century. … more about our charity work in Ecuador

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Ricaurte, Ecuador

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Ricaurte, Ecuador

A child sponsorship report from Ricaurte, Ecuador. Written in 2009.

Dear child sponsors!                           

Cuenca, November 2009.

This year we have been touched by the stories of many boys and girls of our town and fortunately, we were able to help them and avoid that their rights be seriously affected. With great satisfaction we have seen that these kids recovered their smiles, their health and their childhood during their integration’s processes to our family. Daniel (9 years old) doesn’t work to earn his living and now goes to school and loves to watch movies. Jessenia aged 12 now feels protected and respected in her house Los Sauces, together with Daniel and her other siblings. They get love and care from mom Dumania. Sandra (5) and Geremías (3) are very happy having the delicious and warm soup that mom Elsa serves them. Now they’re out of danger, feeling the warmth of a home. They’re learning to talk and receive therapy and care that they didn’t receive before. 

Our SOS Children’s Village is composed by 10 families, 83 boys, girls and adolescents and we’re waiting for the decision of the Children’s Judge in the case of a 5-sibling-group who are in a critical situation and might come to our village in the next weeks. In the Male SOS Youth Facility there are 8 boys: four of them, are starting this stage with maturity which is helping them to overcome the day-by-day difficulties and see how their fears banish with new challenges and opportunities.

This year is very special for our village because 5 youth of the SOS Youth Facility decided to start their independence process. We have worked hard to find the best way and time to do it and....sometimes it seemed that it wasn’t the right moment, these boys have organized their lives very well. José Miguel, Manuel Eloy and Rodrigo got together and they rent a very cosy apartment, located 20 minutes from the village. José Miguel is on second year of gastronomy, Manuel Eloy is on fifth semester of Auto’s Mechanic Engineering and his brother Rodrigo is finishing high school and his dream is to become a military man. Braulio managed to take advantage of the chance to live near his maternal aunt in Sayausí and is having a good performance in his job. He will get soon his diplomas in mechanics and electricity; and finally David, received his high school’s diploma in computer science and had a great celebration. He already started his university classes in Computer Science teaching and at the same time has a full-time job. All these boys are getting support from the village, both economical and personal until they’ll finish their technical studies and we’re sure that they’ll get all their goals. 

This year we incorporated the social centre to the Children’s Village’s installations, because we had enough space and appropriate infrastructure. This integration has been very satisfactory because we are able to care even more children in the new place. They have a nice playground to use and are more comfortable. Right now, 125 kids and their families are being benefited by this program and possibly, two more community centres will be opened soon: one in Azogues, 35 kilometres from Cuenca city and the other in Nulti (a rural parish located 45 km from here). The work is advanced and the need of our service is confirmed; we are just waiting for the local governments’ will to extend our service to more families.

In the development processes of the families that are part of our community centre we had many advances this year. Families got benefited by the formation offered about human relationships, nutrition and cooking.

We have also had many celebrations this year: birthdays, holidays and village trips. The nicest was our trip to Cuzay, a nice resort near Gualaceo where our boys, girls, adolescents and mothers enjoyed of the warm weather, big toboggans, Jacuzzi and swimming pool. It was an unforgettable trip for all of us!

Summer vacations were also very funny: families got organized in groups and we coordinated with other villages to visit some beaches and cities. We went to the south coast of the country, to Jambelí Island and in the north coast we visited the nice beaches of Esmeraldas: Atacames and Súa. We also travelled to the north Andean region, in Tulcán and Ibarra and of course, we went to Quito. Now a new school year has begun and kids go to school with enthusiasm and willing to learn. For this month, as every year, we will celebrate Cuenca’s foundation parties and for next month we have planned many activities for our families to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

God has given us a wonderful mission: children’s protection. Without your support, this challenge couldn’t be possible. We reiterate our thanks for your participation and trust in our work.
On behalf of the boys, girls, youth and moms of our village, receive our best wishes for Christmas and New Year 2010.

With warm greetings from Ecuador!

René Zalamea