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Children in Ecuador often face an impoverished upbringing. As parents turn to alcohol, drugs and violence, children are often left to pick up the pieces. SOS Children's Villages has worked to save damaged lives in Ecuador for over half a century. … more about our charity work in Ecuador

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Quito, Ecuador

Sponsored child from Quito
Sponsored child from Quito

A child sponsorship report from Quito in Ecuador. Written in 2009.

We send warm greetings to all who sponsor a child. For the SOS Children’s Village Quito, is a great satisfaction to inform you about the most important news of our SOS programs in the capital of Ecuador. Our village is in the moment made up by 9 SOS families that shelter 84 boys, girls and adolescents. When 2009 started, we opened the SOS Youth Facility, after an 8 months work with the youth leader and with the respective training of the boys and girls. This way, the youth facility was brought into operation with 8 youth with ages between 16 and 19 years old, with the particular challenge to continue their formation in this space. We trust that they will be able to blend their education with their jobs and can continue tracing their plans for the counselling and independence stages.

We want to emphasise the achievement that Lourdes Moreira reached this year: she obtained her diploma of SOS mom, after 5 years of permanent work and continue training, having her family’s support, both biological and from the village. In addition of our organization’s recognition of her effort and good performance, now she has the academic support of a prestigious university. This way we guarantee our offer: mothers in permanent training and achieving more and better goals inside SOS Children’s Villages Ecuador. Now we have with us 9 SOS moms and 5 aunts in formation process.

In our eagerness to increase and improve our projects of family-based child-care and family strengthening, we presented proposals to the government to get contributions to assure the attention of the country’s children. Last year started a change from our former SOS social centres to community centres. This change means that now boys and girls are cared by community mothers, trained by our organization and paid by the government. SOS staff is now family and community facilitator and carries out training for community mothers, having in mind that our goal is to have a good quality service and little by little be able to extend our service to more children. Each facilitator has under his/her responsibility 150 boys and girls and their families (there are 20 facilitators). This new type of programs has cheaper costs for the organization than when they were SOS social centres and it allow us to have more programs opened.

This year, just like in our family-based child-care program we obtained from the government support for care and family accompaniment in the family strengthening programs. Right now, we have 28 community centres working and taking care of about 2.300 children.

We are having meetings with the Machachi’s parish committee, where we have found about 360 kids that can be part of our community centres in this new type of programs of daily care and children’s protection.We have also participated in activities organized by external organizations. One of them was a meeting to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ecuador’s adherence to the Human and Children’s Rights Convention. Our representative was Estefanía, a young girl aged 14, who expound SOS Children’s Villages’ work in Ecuador in her speech. She did it so well! Additionally, thanks to CONQUITO (a social support’s foundation for entrepreneurship) was built-together with the village community’s work- a greenhouse which will be the beginning of many family and community projects. Now, the families have sown tomatoes and sweet-tomatoes trees. Soon they will receive the products of this greenhouse and we hope that this idea will grow a lot more.

In our village is still practiced the folk dance for boys, girls, adolescents and adults. The dance group delights everyone with its skills and liking for Latin American music. It’s a very amusing activity for everyone. Also, after the school year concluded, we had some graduations from high school of our youth. These moments filled SOS moms, siblings and us with pride, for the good achievement these boys and girls had.

Our support and work with children with special needs, have given very good results, thanks to the agreement we signed with some institutions that work developing their skills. We had some difficulties with a group of siblings whose physical and intellectual conditions required more support than SOS Children’s Villages can offer. That’s why thanks to COMEDIS (Metropolitan Council of Disabilities) we are getting more specific support and accompaniments for these kids in order to have better results in their incorporation to society.

Summer holidays are great opportunities for children’s interaction with their biological relatives. This way, they strength their affective bonds and their support circle become extended, enabling biological family’s co-responsibility in our kids’ formation and development processes. There are only few children that haven’t contact with their relatives. Our village team is still searching for any relative that can be a positive influence for those kids and can let them know their origins and, if possible, to open a new page of happiness, love and tenderness in these boys and girls’ lives.

We’re always giving thanks to you for your generous help and for now, we say bye, wishing you the best for the coming Christmas holidays and for the New Year 2010, the best for you and for your family.

With warm greetings from Ecuador!

Your SOS Children’s Village Quito