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Children in Ecuador often face an impoverished upbringing. As parents turn to alcohol, drugs and violence, children are often left to pick up the pieces. SOS Children's Villages has worked to save damaged lives in Ecuador for over half a century. … more about our charity work in Ecuador

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Portoviejo, Ecuador

Sponsored Children from Portoviejo
Sponsored Children from Portoviejo

A child sponsorship report from Portoviejo, Ecuador. Written in 2009.

Dear sponsors and friends!  
It’s a pleasure to reach you again to tell you some news about the SOS Children’s Village Portoviejo. In the last months, we’ve welcomed in our families 20 boys and girls that needed our support and protection. The first group of four siblings arrived from Pedernales and was welcomed with affection by mom Marjorie.

On October, we opened the Female SOS Youth Facility which is composed by 9 young ladies who received preparation seven months, to be able to form this group. To make this experience even more positive, we have carried out integration and reflection activities, trips and visits in other SOS Youth Facilities. We have also included in their formation, activities that can develop their autonomy such as food preparation, provisions purchase and public services payment, among others. In the same way, we will start a labour inclusion project with them and implementation of productive projects. The group lives in a house in Portoviejo city and receives the guide and company of the youth leader. For the last months of next year we plan to open the Male SOS Youth Facility.

Eight youth are already in the end of their independence process and although they had some difficulties to get inserted in job’s market, little by little they got adapted to autonomic life and now they’re all working and are optimistic and hard-working youth, in continuous search of improvement.

Our family strengthening programs located in the most vulnerable areas of Manabí province, continue giving quality support to the poorest families of the location. In San Alejo we take care of 82 boys and girls and 48 families receive the benefit of our service. The same occurs in Mejía, where we assist 39 children that come from 29 families of the area. Another very poor place and full of needs is located in Paján canton. There is working our daily care service, where 81 kids from 44 families are participating of our program. Finally, this year, on May, we opened a community centre in Picoazá, a place near Portoviejo which has been unattended for years and has a lot of social conflicts. In this place we take care of 66 boys and girls from about 60 families.

Our longing for serve more families in Manabí drives us to explore in new cantons of the province and we are carrying out social investigations in Junín, Olmedo and Pedernales were we plan to enter with our service soon.

In our two program types of children’s care we are taking care of 352 boys and girls: 86 in the SOS Children’s Village and 266 in the community centres which are part of the Family Strengthening Programs. Thanks to you, we have reached this growing. We hope to continue deserving your support and trust!!

With warm greetings,

Fernando Negrete                                             
SOS Portoviejo Programs Director