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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Paraiba, Brazil

Sponsored Children from Paraiba in Brazil
Sponsored Children from Paraiba in Brazil

A child sponsorship report from Paraiba in Brazil. Written in 2009.

Dear child sponsors,

Another year comes to an end. It is a time to evaluate what we have done during the year and make plans for the next year.  Our Unit through its two action lines: Family-based Care and Community and Family Strengthening continues focusing on the protection of our children, advocating for their Rights and assuring them what they need to have a good development.

Not only our children and teenagers from Family-based Care Programme get involved in important matters, our SOS mother Francisca participated in an event held by another NGO aiming to meet better strategies for reading and how to produce good readers. She has shared this experience with her colleagues, especially the art to tell stories.

From this experience comes up the literary circle, which consists in tale readings, poetry and discussion on the plot and context during the socialization of the reading experience, aiming to stimulate children, adolescents, young people and families to develop the reasoning and their ability to interact.

Regarding our adolescents, it was created a committee that represents them together with the community committee, taking part in the discussions and planning which aims the wellbeing of everybody. We can notice how important this participation is for them, they feel proud for having the opportunity to expose their ideas.

We know that to get a harmonious development for our children and adolescents we need to give opportunities for the SOS mothers enlarge their knowledge and change experiences, creating an environment for constant reflexion on their educative approach searching to improve their ability to deal with the specific situation of each child.

Monthly Community and Family Strengthening has a cultural exhibition in which children can tell about what they have learned through plays, music and dance. During these occasions their families come to watch, being a way to bring them near to their children.
To think about family and woman strengthening requires attitudes of self-esteem, having it in mind we promoted a beauty afternoon for mothers from the Community and Family Strengthening Programme. They took time to think about themselves and feel pretty. Childhood can be rescued, it was the theme that motivated families to take part in a tournament. During the event there were many children’s plays like flying kite and sack race for everybody; it looked like a big playground. People was all full of energy, playing. It was a moment to have a different look about their children ludic activities.

Each social centre and community centre was challenged to build a maquette that represented their community surrounds, telling the history of that community. There were an active participation of children and their families. A grandmother told us: ‘my grandson called me and said: “Grandma come here to see what I’ve made, when he said that and I saw what he had done I cried because I could not believe that he had made something good, I’ve ever heard that he was not able to do anything”. Building process gives several opportunities to discover talents, share experiences, be sympathetic, and work in team having the same goal.

In the Community Centres we continue on developing “Tastes and Knowledge Circles” which rescues intrinsic knowledge of women, aiming to change experiences and think about it. It is an activity that can have a good product as result, creating something that connect knowledge with opportunities.

We are constantly strengthening the family committees through educational meetings, planning and evaluations making them work as agent of change inside their own community who feel responsible for actions that involve children, families, and community wellbeing, as a way of socialization and search for solution.

Doing all these activities along the year, we search to optimize our work, strengthening families in such way that they have conditions to offer a better and protective environment for their children.

Concluding, we wish that Jesus feels sheltered in your heart and that His eternal goodness bless you all and continue driving you and keeping the friendship, peace and solidarity lights burning.

We are immensely grateful for your friendship.

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Ana Lúcia do Nascimento Márcia L. Bertoletti
Village Director National Sponsorship Coordinator