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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Sponsored child from Ouagadougou
Sponsored child from Ouagadougou

A child sponsorship report from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors,

Your sponsored children would like to thank you by this letter, for all you do for them, because your humanitarian actions permit them to develop and become responsible men and women.

Before sharing with you the news from your sponsored children, we would like to give you some information about Burkina Faso, the country in which your sponsored children are living.

On the economical level, Burkina Faso strongly feels the effects of the financial crisis ; it is felt through the rising of the prices of all the essential commodities. This is called here (in Burkina Faso) ‘the expensive life’. This expensive life is whipping the households above all the most vulnerable ones (the women and the children).

On the health level, some progresses have been made in our country about the fight against AIDS.
The rate of prevalence is neatly decreasing these last years. However, the epidemic of meningitis is still killing a lot, making people unhappy. All the same, a fresh outbreak of measles is appearing (47, 298 cases in the country). Malaria is always raging and it is the most mortal disease for the children.

To prevent most of the scourges mentioned above, the SOS Children’s Village of Ouagadougou has taken some arrangements : on the economical plan, every SOS family has created a small vegetable garden, a poultry farm, some even have a rabbit hutch.

SOS children and their SOS mother take care of the infrastructures, these permit them to regularly have vegetables and meat for the family meals.

Concerning health, every child sleeps under a mosquito-net (impregnated mosquito-net) and the village is regularly sprayed with insecticide.
All the children in the village have been vaccinated against meningitis W135. We also had the boasters and renewals of all the vaccines which are compulsory according to the WHO and our country (BCG, Polio zero, DTcoq, Yellow fever, Measles).

In the framework of a better sanitary care-taking of our SOS children, we organised in collaboration with the Muraz Center in Bobo-Dioulasso a consultation in dentistry in order to detect oral infections to improve teeth hygiene which is the source of many sicknesses.

This consultation not only concerns SOS Children, but also all those from the surroundings who are registered in our facilities.

This is the way we face the present situation. Your sponsored children are bred and educated in security.

During the first semester 2009, the village received twenty (22) new children, (13 boys and 9 girls). This brings the number of the children to ninety-nine (99).
The children, above all the new comers attend to sessions of tales (story telling) and entertainment (films, games…) organized by the village in order to heal their traumatism. The new children are also initiated to playing games such as puzzles, cards in the perspective of initiating them to reasoning and to have the spirit of strategy and tactics.

Mothers and children dancing round in a circle

Now, your sponsored children are learning Burkina Faso traditional dances and an artistic performance will be showed on the anniversary day of the SOS Children’s Villages.

To awake their vocational desire and favour the socio-professional insertion of your sponsored children, a programme of visit and knowledge of the different jobs is presently being made. This is how your sponsored children have already visited the consulting room of a physician, a pathology laboratory, a building site…

The academic results are on the whole satisfactory. We are now waiting for the results of (CEP) ‘Elementary school certificate’ where nine (09) of your sponsored children have been registered.

We thank you once again for your humanitarian actions towards your sponsored children.

The SOS Children’s Village of Ouagadougou Director