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Child sponsorship report 2009 from Manila, Philippines

Child sponsorship Manila, Philippines
Child sponsorship Manila, Philippines

Sponsor's update report 2009 from the SOS Children's Village Manila, Philippines

Update from Summer 2009

Dear Friend,

The year 2009 has opened another phase for SOS Children’s Village Manila as it continues to tailor developmental opportunities to our 108 children and youths.   It was indeed a fruitful start for the whole family with activities laid out the first half of the year. Allow us to inform you on how it unfolded.

To start the year, the Educational Team and the Youth Home Staff embarked from January 17 to 20 review and realignment of on-going activities to the current Child and Youth Care Programme. Towards the end of March, the Mothers, Village Director and Pedagogical Staff attended the various graduation rites of our children and youths. There were five high school and eight elementary students who graduated.

During the season of Lent last March, the whole family participated in Parish activities like the Station of the Cross, Easter Vigil and recollection in the village. The mothers, aunts and coworkers had a recollection facilitated by Mr. Noel LEYSON, National Training Center Project Consultant. On the other hand, youth girls attended a three-day recollection arranged by the Educational Staff while the youth boys had a time together with the Village Director in the morning of Good Friday and Black Saturday. On Easter Sunday, the children enjoyed the annual Easter egg hunting and the other games prepared by the current youth leaders.

Ten interested youths joined the first ever National Youth Congress held in Davao City from April 19 to 26. “Adventure of a Lifetime” was the theme of the SOS National Youth Congress organised by the National Training Center of SOS Children's Villages Philippines to gather 70 youths from the 7 Children’s Villages in the country. Activities focused in honing their personalities and the individualistic phase of every village was vividly seen in the entire assembly of young minds.

This has been a good start of the year 2009 and we indeed accomplished in bringing fun and life to our celebrations.  In behalf of the whole SOS Manila family, our sincerest gratitude for your continuing support! We also wish that every child under our care will always be blessed with humility and grateful heart to all the people who made a better place for them – just like what you did for our SOS family!

With warm wishes and best regards,

Vicente Tejada
Village Director