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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Hyderabad, India

Sponsored child from Hyderabad in India
Sponsored child from Hyderabad in India

A child sponsorship report from Hyderabad in India. Written in 2009.

Dear Friend,

It gives us immense pleasure to greet you and your family members.  We feel happy to be in contact with you at the dawn of the year and convey our sincere gratitude for your generous support throughout the year.  

While we prepare to step into another year of sincere love and care for our children, we would like to look back at our achievements during the year.  It would be our great pleasure to share our joy and satisfaction in the overall development of the village.

A Home for Many Children:


This year we reached out to more needy children. Ten new children ( 2 girls & 8 boys) were brought home during the year.  It is very pleasing to see that they are already comfortably adjusted and doing grand. They have also commenced their respective studies in the nursery and primary classes.  The youngest baby among them was only 12 days old at the time of admission.  She is now 11 months old healthy baby.  At present total strength of the village is 143 (65 boys and 78 girls) children are living happily under the loving care of 12 mothers and 3 aunts.   Out of 143 children 31 children are in boarding schools, 103 children are attending outside schools, 6 children are attending SOS Nursery School in the village premises and 3 children are babies at home. 


The Children’s Village has 12 family houses, Activity hall where all village activities are conducted which can accommodate approximately 500 members, moderately equipped Clinic, A learning Center with a Library with lot of interesting books where children love spending their leisure time,  Computer Center with 12 systems. Children are provided with a faculty who visits twice a week to teach the basics & a Music Room with a tabla, harmonium, guitar etc.  There is a Community and Guest House, Co-worker residences and a Village Store which provides the groceries for the family houses.  We have recently started Pet Bank as an additional source of joy for children which has different types of birds and a few rabbits.

SOS Nursery:

The village Nursery has been carrying out its functioning in a smooth way. Six children are attending Nursery presently. In line with the classroom lessons they are having different outdoor activities to enable them with all the necessary skills, and develop consciousness more about their environment.  

Academic Performance:

We are proud to inform you that all our children excelled very well in academics and are promoted to next higher classes respectively. Their overall performance is good. We are very happy to inform you that one of child who is doing her vocational course has passed her First Year with 60% marks.  19 of our children have passed with distinction marks and other children passed with 60% and above marks.  We have engaged regular tutors to help children who need support in studies. Spoken English classes are being continued for children above Class IV with help of a resource person.  

Health: The Health care of the children and the mothers in the village is being taken care of by the medical centre located within the village. The medical centre also caters to the community outside. Rural medical camps are being conducted by which the community people and Family Strengthening Program

beneficiaries are also benefited.  Periodical specialized Eye care dental check-ups are also done for children and mothers


Children are being looked after by 12 loving mothers and 4 Aunts.  The SOS Mother’s Day was also colorfully celebrated.   On the occasion, mothers renewed their oath; committing their life for the prosperity of their children.  Few of our mothers also attended Mothers Regional Workshop at Santhigiri ashram at Ernakulum, Kerala and were back with recharged energy and enthusiasm.  

Co-workers Training:

As a regular practice all the Co-workers attended their respective workshops at The National Training Center, Faridabad. In this year a South Zone Planning and Review meeting was organized for all the Directors of South Zone Children’s Villages.  We are happy to inform you that this meeting was organized by SOS Children’s Village, Hyderabad this time.

Festivals and Vacations:

To make children’s life more interesting, purposeful and to promote their development a lot of activities and events were organized within as well as out of the Village this summer. Hostel children also joined in the summer and had a great time with their family members. All the major regional festivals were celebrated with great joy and happiness. Makar Sankranti is celebrated throughout India, in South India it is an important harvest festival.   Sankranti signals the end of winter and the onset of spring throughout the northern hemisphere. This period is considered auspicious. For the next six months, the days are longer and warmer. Cows - which is an integral part of agriculture – is bathed and worshipped. Another important aspect is ‘Daan’ or Charity. A person donates what he/she is able to like food, pulses, rice etc.  The most important event on this day is the kite flying which children enjoy the most of this festival.

Family Strengthening Programme:



work was started in the year 2007 in SOS Hyderabad.  Presently we are supporting 185 families and 363 children (186 boys & 177 girls) are supported under this programme and are happily attending schools. 10 children are being provided with scholarships that are pursuing Job Oriented courses from recognized colleges.  Still social investigation is going on in nearby communities and is in the process of locating single needy mother.  Several workshops were organized for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Self Help groups are being trained and motivated to start income generating activities.

The small kid in the photo is the youngest child of SOS Hyderabad Village, smiles for you, representing all the other children who have found a home in the beautiful Village.  This would not have been possible without your support.  Helping children in need is the responsibility of all the people. Your generous contribution helps us make our vision a reality, enables us to provide children with hope and opportunity for a better tomorrow. Together we can let the children know that they are not forgotten and they are still in our hearts.

We were able to enjoy this eventful year solely due to your regular support and encouragement. On behalf of Children, Mothers and Co-workers we extend our sincere thanks to you and your family members.

Yours Sincerely,

M.G. Ramesh Kumar

Village Director