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India is home to 1.2 billion people, yet one out of every three girls growing up here will not finish primary school, and 40% of its adults cannot read or write. You can give a child an education and a happy childhood by sponsoring a child in one of our 34 SOS Children's Villages in India. … more about our charity work in India

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Dehradin, India

Children from Dehradin, India
Children from Dehradin, India

a child sponsorship report from Dehradin in India. Written in 2009.














Dear friends,

Once again, we graciously would like to include here the major happenings in the family homes and Schools of our children both at Mussoorie and Rajpur.  To begin with, we wish to report that this has been another successful year where in we have been able to give our children a holistic education with academic brilliance.

Important Statistics

New Admissions during the year- 163

School Graduates- 90

College graduates- 65

Vocational training Centre graduates- 14  


It has been a good year in terms of the weather except that not much snowfall was experienced. Only a day’s snow fall happened. The summer was warmer compared to last year and the rains came late and stayed late. Due to the warm and longer summer there were some forest fires around the campus. The administration had made arrangements well in advance and thus there was no loss of any kind.

Children at family homes and School

The functioning of the family homes has been very smooth with the SOS Mothers and home parents taking complete responsibility of each home and all children. The Mothers and parents have been doing a commendable job in their work – in allocating home duties to the children and alongside assisting the children with their day to day work. A normal daily routine of the home parent begins at five in the morning.  The Tibetan Homes School at Mussoorie and Rajpur under THF fulfills the educational needs of all the children. The daily routine of classes begins from 8:45 am to 3:30pm with six days a week.

Activity Highlights – July to December, 2009

On 6th July, the 74th birthday of H.H. the Dalai Lama was celebrated with lot of happiness and festivities.  The day started with a formal function in the morning followed by soccer final’s between Tibetan Homes School, Mussoorie and the SOS Vocational training centre. The inter house Tibetan dance and music competition of the School was a delight in the evening for all the spectators.

Tibetan Homes School was the proud winners of 38th Jackie Memorial Soccer tournament, one of the best and most popular football events in Mussoorie where both Schools and local clubs participate. Our School football team lifted the prestigious Cup after defeating the defending champions St. George's College.

Tibet Week in the month of August was observed at school with much excitement. This year’s presentation was once again divided into class competitions: i) Grade VI – Project was titled “Losar” – Tibetan New Year, ii) Grade VII – Tibetan Handwriting, iii) Grade VIII – Agricultural tools used by farmers in Tibet, iv) Grade IX – Environment depletion in Tibet, v) Grade X and XII organized morning School assembly for the entire week on Tibetan themes and vi) Grade XI had inter section debates. The concluding day also had Tibetan dignitaries from various fields speaking on Tibet related topics.

A seven day interschool workshop from September 22 – 28 organized by Foundation for Universal Responsibility was held at our campus. The workshop included classes on varied subjects such as meditation, talks on different religions and outdoor activities. A total of six Schools with 3 participants attended the workshop. The workshop was aimed to bring children from different backgrounds at one place and to inculcate in them the sense of understanding and genuine compassion. 

The 19th Inter house annual athletic meet took place on 16th of October with Mr. Austine Eapen, D.I.G. of Indo-Tibetan Border Police, Mussoorie as the Chief Guest. The meet began with the Chief Guest taking the guard of honor from the members of the five houses followed with the hoisting of the meet flag. The School band performed brilliantly leading the March Past. This was followed with a children’s mass Yoga display – Surya Namaskar. Through the day the children competed in various events of races, throws and jumps. The children strived hard and performed well keeping the spectators glued till the end. Ultimately TRISONG house were the overall winners for year 2009.

A day long debate on the “New Education Polic” practiced on all the CTA run schools was held on 7th of November, in the THF auditorium. All the staffs were given the opportunity to express their views regarding the new policy.  Simultaneously, One hour daily prayer from November 8th – 15th was held for the long life of H.H. the Dalai Lama and for World peace.

On 14th November Children’s Day was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness. Mothers, home parents, teachers and co-workers began practicing their roles of acting and dancing much before the big day. And it was all what the children waited for, the dances and songs by staff members left the children in bouts of laughter. All children were also presented pocket money made available from the salary of the staff members.

Staff Training and Development

A ten days workshop on Sports titled “Workshop on Sport development and coaching, sport psychology and physiology

” for our teachers were held from June 16th. Liverpool Hope University, England with financial assistance from SOS UK successfully conducted the workshop.  A total of 25 staff members from junior, middle and senior school benefited from this workshop.

Raising achievement in Mathematics” and “Early years Education” were other two successful workshops organized by Hope One World, Liverpool, UK. A total of 28 teachers from THF Mussoorie and Rajpur participated in these workshops. Both the workshops were very successful. 

On November 7th, our Junior section teachers left to attend seven days workshop at Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarah at Dharamsala. Each four junior teachers from THF Mussoorie and Rajpur participated in this workshop.

School’s academic session

The School’s academic session for year 2009 concludes for Mussoorie on December 18, 2009 and on January 15, 2010 for Rajpur after which the winter holidays will begin until the next new session in March 2010.

SOS Vocational Training Centre

The SOS VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE with its inception in the year 1970 continues to be an important part of Tibetan Homes Foundation. We had 12 new admissions this year. The year saw a lot of hard work and training hours for the children. The highlight of this academic session for the students was their football mania which made them win the Pawo Thupten Ngodup Memorial Soccer tournament. In this academic session 14 students from the three different vocations of Tailoring, Thangka and Oil painting are successfully graduating on 16th of December.

Construction Projects

In respect of the construction projects, we are happy to inform that a new SOS Tibetan Boarding primary School and Staff training centre construction started in the beginning of this year. The project in its first phase is to benefit 240 children and over 300 staff members. The project is located in Rishikesh and is progressing in full swing. Another construction project of a “SPECIAL SCHOOL” focused on specifically newly arrived children from Tibet with all facilities of lodging, boarding and education in one campus began in summer this year at Charlimount Estate in Mussoorie. By this time next year we hope the projects will be completed.


THF has been able to overcome all the hardships since its inception and able to achieve the present status, due to the continued timely support from our supporters. And we are proud to cordially thank all our SOS members, Sponsors and donor organizations for the overwhelming contribution made to run this purely non-profitable institution effectively.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2010.

Tashi Phuntsok

General Secretary