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When Hurricane Mitch struck Honduras in 1998, SOS Children Villages mounted an emergency relief programme providing shelter, food and medicines for over 3000 families. Because of the large numbers of orphans and neglected children left in its wake, a new Village was built in one of the worst affected areas in southern Honduras. The Village has 10 family houses which are home to 90 children … more about our charity work in Honduras

Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Choluteca, Honduras

Sponsored child from Choluteca
Sponsored child from Choluteca

A child sponsorship report from Choluteca in Honduras. Written in 2009.

Dear Sponsors:

Receive warm and best wishes on behalf of all the SOS families and collaborators in SOS Children Village Choluteca.

It is a really good opportunity to share with you our most import developed activities through the year, also to send our gratefulness for your constant support which it is very important for the benefit of the children.

At present the population it is of 120 children and young from two years old up twenty two years old, the capacity here is for twenty six children, so next coming year we will welcome new children.

The majority of them is attending elementary school and just recently concluded ten children their Elementary School, with a very good average, next year they will study the secondary in one institute in the city.   Next year two young will finish two years of bachelor and later will enter to the University.  It fell out of much happiness and proud to the mothers and staff because they are getting in women and men useful for the society.

Now the children and young are enjoying of vacations, the older are looking for a vocational work, some of them started right now, it is like occupational therapy because many of them have learned a trade for short time and they are getting their first work experience.   Three of our young have opened a micro-enterprise where they are making and sending “piñatas” they are doing it with the support of the mothers too, it is objective to prepare them for the independent life.

We have a group of choreography and they have been participating in programs in the city.  Also we have a young who has talent to sing won at the festival in the school, and participated in others festival of the sand.

The staff of this village is: 6 SOS mothers, 7 SOS aunts, 7 applicants for mothers, in a total 20 women who are engaged with the children. There also are the Director, Administrative secretary, and gardener and a person for cleaning in temporary time, all us we are working as team in that way it is more easy our labor.

One of the mean projection of support to the communities around the city it is through the Family Strengthening Program, during the year were benefited 647 children in 11Centers which are in function in the poorest communities of the city.   This program has helped that children keep living with their parents.  In the Strategy they work with four components: Child, Woman, Family and Community and the woman have the opportunity to get a lot training as in health, self-esteem, right of the woman and teaching to read and write.

We believe to carry out our mission and continue doing all best for children especially in SOS Children Village Choluteca-Honduras, it is important and we thanks for your constant support.

Sincerely yours,
Sr. Rodolfo Cruz

Director SOS

Children Village Choluteca