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Child Sponsorship Report 2009 from Bhimtal, India

Sponsored Children from Bhimtal
Sponsored Children from Bhimtal

A child sponsorship report from Bhimtal, India. Written in 2009.

November 01, 2009

Dear Friend and Child Sponsor,

Once again we are together to celebrate Christmas and recall our past beautiful memories. It’s always my pleasure to wish you and your family A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2010.

Our SOS Bhimtal campus is apart of state Uttarakhand, state is located in the northern part of India. It was carved out of Himalayan range famous for its tourism. Bhimtal is a small beautiful town situated around a lake. Bhimtal is famous for it small island. 

Village Status

This year we have been able to bring five male children in care of SOS children village

Bhimtal, children were placed in different family home and all are well adjusted with the new environment of SOS family. We are a family of 119 children in village, 21 girls in hostel, 34 boys in youth house 12 mothers, 4 aunts and 21 co-workers.   


We are very happy to inform you that by the grace of god all the children

in the village have performed very well. Result of children was 99.13% all the children passed their classes with good percentage. Two girls have joined MBA and two have joined graduation in different stream. One girl completed her Masters in Social work, one completed her Bachelor of Education, and one has completed her vocational training.         

Celebration and Activities

All the festivals were celebrated in the village with great joy children are actively participating in the preparation of all the festivals. Educational

and entertainment activities are promoted in the village for all round development of the children. Capability enhancement meeting and workshops are organized for the mothers and aunts.       To groom up the overall development of our children & youth, several activities and programmes were organized during the year, Board decoration competition, Drawing competition, an essay writing competition, Quiz competition, short talk on the topics coping exams stress was organized with the mothers and the children. Cricket match between children village and community children was held in the school ground. One girl has participated in the basketball team of her school and went to play national school game.

Family Strengthening Programmes

Our organization has seen that it is no longer enough to deal only with the consequences of the problem, after children have already lost the care of their families.  First and foremost, we must find ways to tackle its causes, to prevent children from falling out of their family. To support families where children are at risk of falling out or families which are on the verge of collapse we have started a programme known as family strengthening programme

. This year we have trained 25 care givers in method of food preservation and 15 in framing skills, 11 children were provide basic knowledge of computer. We have started providing the families knowledge of self help group and we have been able to from two Self Help Group in different areas which include 10 mothers in one group and 13 mothers in other. We have been also able to search out bank for Micro financing the group. Total families supported by our FSP programme are 60 including 135 children.             

B.ED (Bachelor of education) College

B.ED (Bachelor of education) College has organized practice teaching of students in the government school. A team from NCTE (National Council for Technical Education),Jaipur visited the college for Inspection of Instructional and infrastructural facilities required for the additional Intake of 40 more seat applied by the institute.      

SOS School Bhimtal

SOS School Bhimtal started academic session in April every year over all result of the School was good highest passing percentage is 91.2% for class XII and 92% for class X. Present strength of the school is 916 scholars including 186 boarders. Apart from the constant quest for academic excellence, the school also encourages the students to participate in various competitions Organized in the school and community. Teachers of school attend workshop held at other institute for the enhancement of their subject and teaching skill. Hope university college UK in collaboration with village conducted a workshop on child Psychology & teaching of Social science.         

Medical Center

Medical Center

is well equipped with all the equipments to handle emergencies and first aid facility. The center is impaneled with Haldwani Medical college Hospital and Krishan Nursing Home Haldwani for specialist coverage. The medical center has Maurti Omni Ambulance filled with the oxygen cylinder and other medical amenities.               

Youth Facility

We have 36 boys in the Youth House 17 youth are in school doing schooling up to twelfth, one is doing B.tech (computer science), two boys are doing Bachelor of Business Administration course, three youngsters are doing Bachelor in Hotel Management and two youngsters are doing graduation in different streams from different institutes, 11 boys are doing vocational training and on job training. Two youth completed their education in Bachelor of Hotel Management and one completed his Masters of Physical education. Some have got job and some are in search of job and are in process of settling.


One girl and three boys after completing their education have started job in reputed organization they are happy and enjoying their jobs. Two girls and two boys got married to during the year all are happy in their new life we whish them happy married life.  One of our youth is able to purchase land with the help of his Money gift account and one girl has utilize her account for marriage.

Capability Enhancement   

Co-workers attended workshop organized for them at National training center, Faridabad. Every month a monthly meeting of co-worker is organized at village so that coworker can discuss there experiences and find out the way to improve their performances.    

The SOS Children’s Village could not do what it does without the generous support of a caring community. Thank you again for your support to SOS Children’s village. 

With best wishes

(Dr. S.C. Mishra)

Village Director