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Child sponsorship 2009 update from Grancanica, Bosnia

Child sponsorship Grancanica, Bosnia
Child sponsorship Grancanica, Bosnia

Sponsor's update report 2009 from Grancanica, Bosnia

Sponsor's update report from Summer 2009

As you know, this is the time when we share some novelties from our SOS Children’s Village Gracanica with you. This year lot of things happened in this little town. Being the part of the community makes us very happy. We never miss a chance to participate in activities with our neighbours. So it happen that month April in Gracanica, town officials, proclaimed as eco-month. The initiative was gladly accepted by the whole community.

The part of the town called Gaj, which use to be favourite picnic place for Gracanica people, is situated just below our SOS Children’s Village. Since the war stopped in Bosnia and Herzegovina it somehow never retrieved its virtue.  This was great opportunity to remind Gracanica inhabitants on this forgotten spot. Therefore SOS mothers and village director suggested one of the activities planned for April eco-month could be cleaning and setting up of the Gaj as it use to be. The idea was accepted with such a joy that we were extremely proud.

It was Saturday morning when youngsters from community together with us, children from SOS Children's Village, gathered on our main square and distributed rubber gloves, picked up the bags and started towards the Gaj. It was in pretty poor condition, covered with garbage of all kinds. The cleaning lasted the whole morning and great part of afternoon. When it was finally done, SOS mothers prepared refreshment and barbecue for all participants. It was the highlight of the day, even the major of Gracanica came to see the action taking place and spent some time with youngsters from community. Major promised to invest in benches and garbage cans which will be installed along the walking path trough the Gaj woods. So it happened. For all of us it was really something to be proud on. During the summer, our woods, was very vivid place again!

In our SOS Children’s Village there is one girl, Masha, who is very talented artist. Ever since she was able to hold a pen, her talent was very obvious. She was drawing and colouring the best. She was very neat and had a feeling to combine colours like no child could. It was already clear that she will be extraordinary child. Her SOS mother and pedagogues have always supported her to go in artistic direction. Her talent exceeded drawing art – she is also a poet and great dancer.

Well, this year nongovernmental organisation ‘House of Peace-flame’ in Tuzla, bigger town near Gracanica, where she attended art classes for years has organised solo exhibition of her works. She exhibited paintings on glass, on silk, then decorated bottles, vases and different pots, gips and clay figurines etc.

It was an opportunity for visitors to buy those items for symbolic price. She managed to collect small amount of money which he then put on her savings account to be kept until she is about to start independent life. It was also motivational for other children who are now trying to find something that brings out their passion, hoping one day they will also be able to exhibit in big town.

All we can do is hope they will succeed. Until then we can be there for them to support and guide trough rough and easy times in lives. Without your support dear friend dreams of our children could never became truth, therefore we are grateful and hope you will experience many joys in life. May God bless you and bring you prosperity.