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Despite a growing ecomomy, Thailand's children face many risks. HIV/AIDS has orphaned many, leaving them in danger of homelessness and forcing them into work. Many fall prey to sexual exploitation and trafficking. We support families in five locations and provide care to those who have no one else. … more about our charity work in Thailand

Child sponsorship 2009 update from Bangpoo, Thailand

Sponsor a child Bangpoo, Thailand
Sponsor a child Bangpoo, Thailand

Sponsor's update report from 2009 from the SOS Children's Village Bangpoo, Thailand

Update from June 2009

We feel very honored and grateful to have you as a part of our big SOS family and here we would love to share our life and news from period of December 2008 - May 2009 to you.

First of all, we were very great successful on the Official Opening Ceremony Day of SOS Children’s Village Phuket on 24 January 2009 as the ’MEMORABLE’ for the Tsunami in Thailand, December 2004.   It is the Fifth of SOS Children Villages in Thailand.   The SOS mothers and children at Phuket had been most happy to welcome every guest in the opening ceremony and particularly to see their beautiful village finally complete.    Actually, there are 12 family houses inside the Village, 11 houses are being running, 1 house is still empty and total children are 90 in different age from 1-14 years old.   

Mother and children are starting with activity in daily life such as cooking, dinning, cleaning house together, they also plan for growing plants and decorating their house yard.   These activities made the children feel to be more owner of their new house.   The children can know to adapt themselves for living with the other and in the village’s condition. Health care programme have been carrying out include with holding all other Buddhism traditional as well as outdoor activities like playing sport & games and exercises, moreover having fun, they can get familiar and make friends.

SOS Children’s Village Bangpoo and SOS Youth House Samutprakarn in the up-date detail is:

  • 101 children in 12 families houses: 47 boys and 54 girls
  • 16 teenaged boys separately living at SOS Youth House Samutprakarn
  • 5 adults from Youth House leaved and settle down their own life
  • 8 kids were admitted as new family members into SOS Children’s Village Bangpoo,

Our small kids from SOS kindergarten including all of our school-aged children are back to their learning again after their long-term vacation from end of March to mid of May, most of them enjoy meeting and conversing with their classmates.

The village is going on with Buddhism activities, additional tuition classes, sports, music plus with other internal and external movement as you can see from some pictures attached.

In January the weather in Thailand was very cool down, especially at North and Northeast part, it frost all over the area.  

In April is the hottest time the children enjoyed splashing water in ’Songkran festival’, 13-17 April.

In May to August is rainy season, the children are happy, not have to watering plants around their houses.

Regarding to the problem in our country on economical, political and violence in the four southern border provinces we do not lost our 'HOPE’ we longing for more peace on earth, more respect for each other even being of different races, different religion or different view.

As at world financial crisis, we would like to express our gratitude to your kind continuously giving support to SOS.

Yours sincerely,  

Mrs. Wantana Sethadej, Sponsorship Coordinator, SOS Children Thailand & Mr. Prathan Chartanumanon, Village Director, SOS Children’s Village Bangpoo