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Sponsorship report from Kraljevo, Serbia from 2009

Child sponsorship Kraljevo, Serbia
Child sponsorship Kraljevo, Serbia

Child sponsor update from the SOS Children's Village Kraljevo, Serbia from 2009

Report from July 2009

I want to share with you some of most important events in our SOS Children’s Village Kraljevo, Serbia with a pleasure. So many children, so many events… I can’t write all in one letter, but I’ll try to write about most interesting.

Some of our children go to nursery school for a relatively long period and have an excellent relationship with their peers. Teachers in the nursery school are satisfied with their behaviour. Their favourite activity is playing, of course, as it is for all the other children.

Some other children started at primary school last September and that was a well remember event.  It was beautiful day, SOS mothers prepared special clothes for them and for children and, with hand to hand, they went to school together. The SOS Moms tried to hide tears…

For New Year celebration something special happened... Motorcycle Club Kings from our town decided to give pleasure to our children giving them the gift packets for the New Year celebration. And it wouldn’t be anything strange… But, their members personally brought gifts, driving motorcycles and all dressed as Santa Claus! They started from the city centre, gently, with bags full of gifts on their shoulder, and came to our village. Delighted children welcomed them in the Village’s backyard! Of course, there were some concerns... ‘If Santa Claus is real, how we have so many Santa Claus at the same time? Oooh, they are his assistants... And that's fine but ... Where are the reindeer? Since when is Santa Claus driving a motorcycle?'. Neglecting all possible and impossible questions, children entered the multi-purpose room (decorated for New Year celebration), with all Santa Clauses, and they declaimed to them, sang with them, played... It wasn’t important that they were not real, we all know that is the only one who will arrive latter but, until then, those Santa Clauses are not so bad...

After finishing 8th class of primary school, children in our country need to choose their life occupation and secondary school. This is another step towards growing up.  It is a very important part of that stage of life, the part which will be remembered forever, is a small matriculation, celebration of the end of primary school. This year we had 4 matriculates, Jelica, Aleksandra, Dragana and Vojislav. Preparations for this event began a few weeks earlier. 'What will I dress? Who will help me with my makeup? Who will be my companion for matriculation party? '... Impatience and nervousness possess almost the entire village on the day of matriculation. And all Villages’ habitants like to see matriculates. Unaware of how much they are still children, looks around what is happening, still not believing that one period of their life just ends. But, that isn’t all! Younger children in their SOS families were overwrought and overjoyed! ‘Matriculation… I’ll be matriculating one day, too. Ooooh, I’ll need a dress!! … 'What will I dress? Who will help me with my makeup? Who will be MY companion for matriculation party?’ They start with question in their heads, as they go to matriculate tomorrow.

Andrija has one more favourite person. Aunty Sneza is person whose Andrija loves a lot, besides his loved SOS mother.  He likes when she reads stories to him before he is going to bed, likes cuddling and tickling with her... Sometimes they displease one to another, but it only takes a few seconds. Kisses, laughter and apologies come immediately after that. Aunty is not Mom, all to know, but aunty is someone who cares about Andrija, and he also loves her.

All our children were delighted in June!

Police office from our town wished this year to celebrate their holiday - the day of the police, with our children. Representatives of all the police departments came to the village on the celebration day, driving their unusual vehicles. Fire brigade, as one of police department, also came to the Village with their trucks. Children asked ‘one million’ questions, entered into vehicles, pushed buttons… Police officers answered all their questions with a smile and enthusiastically, showed them a vehicle, what is the purpose of some buttons... And then the children are discovered horn’s buttons! What joy! Different variety of horn sounds, from the police in chase to the fire horn started to make a noise at the same time trough the village and surrounding area. We alarmed the whole neighbourhood, at general joy of the children! After that fire brigade made children more delighted! Demonstration of fire extinguishing turned in a ton of happy children under a cloud of white foam! I'm not sure who was happier, the children or the firemen, I know only that they all enjoyed, the children in the foam, firemen making foam, and all others looking at them messy, smiling and happy.

Vladica is joyous, good-natured, and more active and more talkative then before. As youngest child in SOS family he is favourite.  Village’s masters are painted almost all family houses this year. Vladica’s house too, of course. And what painting that would be without his help? Unthinkable! He was everywhere: around cans with the colour, with a small brush in hand to help masters, with a mop – cleaning accidentally splashed drops ... And who is most helped the masters? Vladica, of course! Without his help it was to hard to finish painting so easily and quickly.

The SOS Youth facility (YF) opening is planned for September this year and than 7 of our youths will move to live in it. Preparations for the move were made throughout the past year. All of them acquired a lot of new things: rational disposal of money, preparing meals, minor home repair, using home equipage... Of course, all young people have worked on the development of communication with coevals and neighbours and fitting in the new environment. They introduced the public institutions in the city, had lectures on contraception, HIV, first aid... They are prepared to move in YF. However, it remains a little anxiety in them and us. Will they succeed easily to adapt to a new way of life? I believe that they will. They accept environment changing as a positive event in their life.

Now we have 72 children.  They are healthy and happy. They are developing according their ages and possibilities. But, I’m proud that I can say: all of them are smiled!

Our Village progress very well, from year to year, thanks to your generous help and support. You are one of the people who put smile on children’s faces. Their smile is the greatest reward for me, and I’m grateful for all your help in those hard times. 

On behalf of children, SOS mothers and all co-workers, I’m sending you Suzana’ beautiful smile, Zorica’ imagination, Andrija’ laugh and love of all of us.