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Sponsor's update report 2009 from Keila, Estonia

Sponsor a child Keila, Estonia
Sponsor a child Keila, Estonia

Child sponsorship update report from 2009 the SOS Children's Village Keila, Estonia

Update from November 2009

Dear sponsor,         
One more year, loaded with experiences and events, is slipping into the past. A year, which we’ll remember as special amongst the eighteen years of our regained independence, indulging us with consistent growth of economy and welfare. This year was, however, characterised by strong economic decline. Over this year we have heard repeatedly of economic difficulties, companies being wound up, increasing unemployment. Thanks to you, dear sponsors, we’ve been able to maintain our living standard while learning to save more and economise.

Several young people have been departed the SOS Children’s Village Keila and SOS Youth Facilities: six young people left the children’s village to youth facilities in spring while four young people from youth facilities are starting half-independent life – young people, who have graduated from school and obtained a profession. 

This spring, the last graduation ceremony took place is SOS School, as the SOS school wound up its activities. Many former students and friends of the school were present at the event. The graduation ceremony was memorable, sorrowful and official.

This year, the Children’s Village has received a number of new employees, by the end of the year the village will have, once again, all the required staff. Over the year, village director, social worker, one educator, three SOS mothers and three aunts have started their time with us. The economic recession has given us a chance to outsource well-motivated and educated people. Four our SOS mothers had become as a mentors for new mothers and one SOS mother has retired. 

Thanks to our sponsors, this summer the children had an opportunity to spend a free week in Finland, in English language learning camp, one family received a day in Pärnu Spa as a present and one day trip to Helsinki, a three-day trip to Stockholm was also given to our children. The opera theatre Estonia gave us free tickets to opera and ballet performances. One yacht club in Estonia gave our children a beautiful day – they were sailing on Haapsalu bay on sail boats, making a trip to Vormsi island. 

The support you give ensures all the children wanting it with an opportunity of having a hobby. Our children are doing well in sports. Approximately a half of our children attend various training groups, participate in all the events organised by their trainers and also running, skiing and roller skiing events, organised by the town of Keila. The interest in sports our children have, has been kept alive by many athletes, having paid us a visit – Kristina Šmigun, the skier; Raio Piiroja, the footballer, but also our First Lady, Mrs. Evelin Ilves, who is also the patron of children’s village and has taken the matter of the hobbies of our children into her heart. The young people from both the children’s village and youth facilities attend all the football matches of the Estonian team, held in Tallinn, bearing the Fair Play flag.

This autumn, the children formed children’s government. As the continuity of the government had been interrupted, the children had to make a real effort to learn to manage both the events and their time, involve other children in the activities, enter into agreements. 

We wish you a beautiful Christmas and health, success and lots of pleasure in the New Year!

Thank you! 

Best regards, 

Raivo Ilmsalu, Village director