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SOS Children's Villages began working in Nicaragua in 1973 following the earthquake which destroyed the capital of Managua, building a community in Esteli in northwest Nicaragua about 150 km from the capital. There are now four communities, as well as numerous social welfare and educational projects which also benefit local communities. … more about our charity work in Nicaragua

Sponsor's update 2009 from Rivas, Nicaragua

Child sponsorship Rivas Nicaragua
Child sponsorship Rivas Nicaragua

Child sponsorship update report from 2009 from the SOS Children's Villages Rivas, Nicaragua

Dear friends,

Receive a warmest greeting from all the villagers and co-workers of the SOS Children’s Village Rivas, Nicaragua.

This year we have 9 homes with 22 girls and 31 boys this is a total of 53 children living in the village. Also we feel happy to count with 21 co workers with 07 SOS mothers, 08 SOS aunts, plus 6 administrative who work to defend the development of each child.

All the kids go to the school and always they go to the medical centre to control their weight, height and their development.  Also they go to the church and they visit touristy places.

Our main activities that we did during this time were:

On April the Holy Week: all the SOS family did different recreational activities; they went to different tourist places of the town, where they had the opportunity to share and know our traditions and costumes of our country, also in the church they participated in religious activities.

On may the celebration of the Mother’s Day: in the school started this celebration with cultural activities after that in the village each home celebrated with a special dinner and each SOS mother received a little gift.

International Children Day on June:  the school celebrated all the week with different activities; On June 05 the major and NGOs organised a parade with all the kids of the town. On June 06 the church organised a dinner and a piñata (a piñata is a figure, usually made from a clay pot covered with paper mache and decorated in bright colors, with candy inside); on June 07 we celebrated that day with piñatas, games, dinner and each mother SOS and aunt SOS gave a gift to each child.

Also in June the celebration of Teacher’s day: this day was celebrating on June 26 and schools organised different cultural activities with all their teachers and students.

We want to tell you that it is our great pleasure to keep counting with you as a very important member of our world-wide family which helps to provide a congenial atmosphere for each child.

Yours sincerely,

Jenny Baez
Village Director
SOS Children’s Village Rivas