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In 2005, SOS Children's Villages began an "SOS Playbus" based in the city of Baku. It is a mobile nursery school that stops at public parks, hospitals, orphanages and tower blocks and gives children the opportunity to play and have fun … more about our charity work in Azerbaijan

Sponsor's update 2009 from Baku, Azerbaijan

Sponsor a child Baku, Azerbaijan
Sponsor a child Baku, Azerbaijan

Child sponsorship update report from 2009 from the SOS Children's Village Baku, Azebaijan

Update report from Summer 2009

There are 97 children at the Baku SOS Children’s Village. At the beginning of this year there were 98 children. One of them – Elvin returned to his biological family. He has a brother and 2 sisters who are still living at Baku SOS Children’s Village. His family’s welfare standards are better now and they are planning to take the other 3 children next year.  

Every year SOS co-workers and other companies together organise New Year Party for the children of SOS Children’s Villages. This year it was organised again. Children danced, had a nice time with Santa Claus and got presents from him. During “Novruz” Holiday (Azerbaijani National Holiday of Spring in March 20) we always organise parties and activities for our children. We invited 2 actors to perform a small scene of Novruz attributes “Kosa” and “Kechel” (attributes of Novruz) at Baku Children’s Village.

The International Children’s Day on the 1st of June was organised in Baku Children’s Village yard. The famous singers of Azerbaijan participated there. Some of our children performed theatrical scenes and danced. The children were very happy.

Traditionally twice a year the written test exams are arranged by the external specialists. The following exam was organised at the end of May. This year a charitable societs proposed a motion that 8 of the SOS children who get excellent results will travel to Turkey for 5 days. After exams 8 children were chosen for the trip – Ulviyye, Gunel, Gulnar, Goshgar, Fagan, Royal, Ismayil, Yadigar.  

Gulnar had taken a job practice at one of the banks of Azerbaijan for a month in January.

Some of the children attend additional tutoring class on English. They are going to take FLEX programme on English next year. Successful candidates will live in America for a year.

This year was declared the Children’s Year in Azerbaijan. Different related activities and contests will be hold during the year. One of them was held in March be name “My Magic World”. The children drew pictures, made handicrafts and they were exhibited. Some of the children took the places and were awarded diplomas and presents.

SOS office co-workers organised a contest “Fun Starts” for children between Ganja SOS CV and Baku SOS CV in May. Children run, pulled the string, danced and etc. At the end, Ganja SOS CV children won contest. Our children took the second place. It was a wonderful day.

On the occasion of the ‘Health Day’ SOS Children’s Village arranged several activities, theatrical performance “Fight against Tuberculosis”, “Fight against Violence” and “Fight against AIDS” from February to April. Our children were awarded with the Diplomas and presents.

Psychologist and other co-workers from Baku arranged 2 competitions (the first was “Mother of the year” and the second “Family of the year”) between our 14 houses in March. The families participated and showed small scenes. The jury chose the 4 best families and gave diplomas.

During the year Dance and Theatrical festivals were organised between children projects in Azerbaijan. Our dance and theatrical groups took the second place and got diplomas.

During the year it was arranged in Azerbaijan. Elchin, Tural and Elshan participated in wrestling contest. They took the 1st and the 3rd places in different contests.

Nigar participated at swimming contest last year and she took the first place in Azerbaijan. Therefore Special Olympic Committee is going to send Nigar to Spain in October for swimming contest. Nigar’s volleyball team has gained achievements during this year. They participated at the volleyball contest in Iran Republic and won.

Gunay goes to free style wrestling and she was chosen to the national team of Azerbaijan consisted of the girls.

Our “Sulh” (Peace) football team participated in the different tournaments held by football federation of Azerbaijan. Some of our children play in other football teams of Baku City. This football team one of the best teams of Azerbaijan. The children who attend to these teams (Yadigar, Turhan, Elsever, Elchin, Fazil) are the best football players of Baku SOS Children’s Village and they want to be football players in the future.