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Pakistan sponsored children
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Child sponsorship update report 2009 from Lahore, Pakistan

Child sponsorship Lahore, Pakistan
Child sponsorship Lahore, Pakistan

Sponsor's update report from 2009 from the SOS Children's Village Lahore, Pakistan

Update report from Summer 2009

Dear Sponsor

Nearly six months have passed since we communicated to you about the activities of the SOS Children's Village Lahore.

On 23 Dec 2008 Christmas was celebrated for the Christian staff and to enlighten the children to respect and have tolerance for the belief and culture of other citizens of Pakistan.  In this way they will learn  to co-exist with them .  A colourful party was arranged with a Christmas Tree and a Santa Claus who gave out gifts to everyone.  the staff involved were overwhelmed by the festivities and involvement of the children.

New Year's Eve was celebrated by the children with enthuiasm.  They enjoyed a Barbeque Dinner and blazing Bonfire was lit.  There was much activity as each house displayed the New Year resolutions made by the children. Some were "We will respect each other"; "We will not fight with each other".

14 February was Valentine's Day. Children made cards for friends and mothers to show their appreciation

10 March was 12 Rabiulawal (Holy Prophet's Birthday) which was celebrated with fervour and religious zeal. After the Milad sweets were distributed.  The Jang group held a Milad at P.C in which our children were invited to participate.  Their rendering of religious songs and "Naats" was much appreciated and they were awarded prizes for their skill.

The Annual Exam of the school was held in mid March and the children were promoted to the next classes.  On the whole the pass percentage of the village was about 85%.  Several of the children were awarded prizes for academic prowess and in other areas such as Art, Conduct, All round talent etc.  After the exam was the Spring Break in which children were taken to picnics and visits to historical places in Lahore.  They specifically appreciated the visit to the Fort.

Mrs Neelum Hussai, Director of Lahore Grammar School, Defence gave all the children a treat by inviting them to have lunch at a MacDonald. They played in the play area and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Mr Hassan Ghazakli, Director of the Society of the Sun arranged a trip to the planetarium to promote the universality of the heavens.  There was a great deal of interest generated as the children watched the different planets and heavenly bodies through the telescope.

The higlight was communicating with their counterparts in India who spoke to them on the telephone.  The children from both countries relayed a message of peace to one another.

On 5 April, the reunion of ex SOS boys and girls was celebrated.  there was much liveliness and commotion as a large number of them turned up with hordes of children.  When Mrs Anwar the the President of SOS Pakistan arrived to greet them she embraced them and hugged their children.  It was a very emotional scene to see the Reunion of a mother with her children and grandchildren.  At the end Reunion meeting they expressed their gratitude and disclosed how SOS had helped them build their lives and careers.  A delicious lunch was served to all those who attended the function.  The children were given special gifts and snacks also.