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Child sponsorship update from Calbayog, Philippines

Child sponsorship Calbayog, Philippines
Child sponsorship Calbayog, Philippines

Sponsor's update from the SOS Children's Village Calbayog, Philippines

Report from Summer 2009

Dear Friend,

The year 2009 has opened another phase for SOS Children’s Village Calbayog, Philippines as it continues to tailor developmental opportunities to our 148 children and youths.   It was indeed a fruitful start for the whole family with activities laid out the first half of the year. Allow us to inform you on how it unfolded, most specifically to our youths.

In order to fully understand and have a deeper meaning of what SOS Children’s Villages is, two sessions on “Who We Are” Orientation were done by the Youth Staff to the youths last January 17 & 31. The youths were gathered to intensify commitment and also share inputs on Child’s Rights. The group was divided into 3 according to age. Said activity was also a good venue for youths to speak out as part of their participation.

Moreover, a Computer Literacy Training was actively participated by the youths in February which exercised participation and honed their hidden computer skills. They were also informed of a National Youth Congress organised by the National Training Centre of SOS Children Philippines to be held in Davao City from April 19 to 26. The interested youths were interviewed and assessed their capacity to join such big convention. Different leadership games were conducted as preparatory activities; afterwards they identified personal observations, feelings and suggestions. “Adventure of a Lifetime” was the theme of the SOS National Youth Congress attended by ten of our young adults together with 60 other youths from the other Children’s Villages in the country. Activities focused in honing their personalities and the individualistic phase of every village was vividly seen in the entire assembly of young minds. The youths made their way up and excelled in different activities making us all proud because they went home some of the awards!

On the other hand, March marked the end of a fruitful school year for our children and youths. It signified another step up for the 43 graduates in terms of their educational enhancement. We applauded our graduates specifically: 9 in college, 3 in high school, 11 in elementary, 2 in Preparatory Class, 9 in Nursery Class and 9 in Nursery Class. We are all proud of their achievements.

The months of April and May always brought a lot of excitement and fun to each member of the SOS Family. Celebrating summer was made more fun with Summer Workshops, Camps and Skills Training made available for youth and children. These fun and excitement was highlighted by the yearly summer celebration of the Village Sports Festival with this year’s theme “Healthy Body and Sound Mind” having three teams. The event was enthusiastically and enjoyably participated by each team participated by Co-Workers, Mothers and all children and youths. The support and encouragement of each member in every team was overwhelming giving strength to each contestant in playing their games.

By the second week of June, the children were back to school to enjoy their right of education. Mostly were very excited, knowing that they’ll be seeing their classmates again and enjoy school life.

In behalf of the whole SOS Calbayog family, our sincerest gratitude for your continuing support! We also wish that every child under our care will always be blessed with humility and grateful heart to all the people who made a better place for them – just like what you did for our SOS family!

With warm wishes and best regards,

Mario Victor Baang, Village Director