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Child sponsorship update 2009 from the Niamey, Niger

Child sponsorship Niamey, Niger
Child sponsorship Niamey, Niger

Sponsor's update from 2009 from the SOS Children's Village Niamey, Niger

Update report from Summer 2009

SOS Children’s Village of Niamey, Niger started its activities in 1993. Since then, it takes care of Nigerien children in distress who come from different areas in the country. The Children's Village started its activities with ten families, but the number of the family houses increased to twelve. This gave the chance to more children to be admitted and educated for long term. The number of children in the Village is now one hundred and twenty. Twelve SOS families take care of them under the responsibility of 12 SOS mothers, assisted by 7 aunts.

The SOS Nursery School, the SOS Primary School and other schools in the environment complete the education received at home. We educate these children in collaboration with the biological families and other partners in order to integrate them in their environment efficiently, and because we are really aware of their important role in all what we do in the Village.

Six youth communities contribute to the development of the Village under the responsibility of six teachers. They lead sixty two youth (boys and girls) organise their life, plan their activities and fulfil responsibilities, in collaboration with other young people within the environment, the Village Director, the SOS mothers and the biological families. Among the sixty two youth, six young boys live in semi independence Facilities where they are prepared for autonomy and social integration.

We still continue the organisation of training sessions in favour of youth on topics like sexual education, puberty, puberty changes, HIV/AIDS, sexual abuses, menstrual cycle, ejaculation, and the consequences of drugs/narcotic on youth, self-employment project and signs of successful social integration, Child Rights and Child and youth Development Planning.

This training was to prepare them professionally and socially in order to face all challenges related to their Status.

In general, the performances of our children and youth are good, but we still have some of them who have serious difficulties at school. For those who are weak, the psycho log often assists them, in collaboration with the mothers, the family assistants and the teachers.

The Children's Village and the National educational teams hold regular meetings to evaluate the youth and children performances and make recommendations.

On the other side, we celebrated the marriage of two of our daughters in collaboration with their biological families; all the SOS community participated with happiness to this celebration.

A lot of leisure activities are organised by the Village in collaboration with Niger Scouts organisation, two German young trainees and our welfare Ambassador: Theatre, building positive behaviour, educational activities, football and basketball.

To keep on the Village community healthy, the children, the mothers and the youth are vaccinated, treated and sensitized on body, food, environment and clothes hygiene.

The Family Strengthening Programme intervenes within the community to assist 210 families and 500 children. The following activities are held on: Sensitisation about HIV/AIDS, hygiene; distribution of food and medicine, initiation on generating income activities and Education.

Fifty three youth are taken in charge by the programme, and they are initiated respectively to sewing and carpentry.

Dear sponsors, thank you very much for your precious support.

Thanks again! God bless you!

Smaine Younouss, Village Director.