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SOS sponsored child in Mali
People in Mali face recurrent droughts and food shortages. The situation in Mali has been exacerbated by political violence which has forced tens of thousands to flee their homes. SOS Children's Villages works in three locations across the country, and has recently launched emergency relief in Mali to protect families affected by the fighting. … more about our charity work in Mali

Child sponsorship update 2009 from Sanankoroba, Mali

Sponsor a child Sanankoroba, Mali
Sponsor a child Sanankoroba, Mali

Sponsor's update report from the SOS Children's Village Sanankoroba, Mali from June 2009

It is with great pleasure that we are sending you the latest news of the Children's Village of joy of your sponsored children. 

The village currently totals 150 children (77 boys and 73 girls) divided into its 15 family homes with the admission of eight (8) new children to replace the eight others who left for studies and training reasons in Bamako. 

On October 1st, the village received the visit of a delegation of the Bank of Africa Foundation which offered the children some school kits and four computers. 

And October 5th, was the start of the new school year for the Basic Education Schools in the whole country. There were 119 SOS pupils to go back to school.  Among them, 15 newly enrolled thus bringing the total to 94 pupils (44 girls; 50 boys) in primary education (1st Cycle) and 35 (14 girls; 11boys) in the college (Second Cycle). 
Dressed in beautiful clothes and provided with pretty school bags, they were happy to resume classes. 

This year, we have seven (7) candidates for the C.E.P (Primary School Leaving Certificate) examination and ten (10) for the D.E.F. (Junior High School Leaving Certificate). 

At the SOS Nursery School, there are 246 pupils including 23 SOS children divided into its various Sections that are the Section of the "Small", "Medium" and "Older".

October 9, the village celebrated the Day of the World Games for Peace 2008 on the municipal play ground of Sanankoroba with the ONG and Associations partners.  Approximately 1,300 children and young people took part in it. 

The SOS Nursery School in collaboration with the SOS School, the Nursery and the Early Childhood Development Center (C.D.P.E) celebrated on November 20th, the "World Children’s Day" chaired by the Mayor of the Rural Commune of Sanankoroba.  Children parents  of these various institutions taking care of children, the teachers and the early childhood educators and the populations were present at this ceremony. During this ceremony, the SOS Policy of Child Protection was commented on. 

Also, on November 27th, the village took part in the exchange meeting between actors in the field of Child Protection at the Juvenile Court in Bamako.  It was the opportunity to talk about our experience with the National Parliament of Children who had met the children of the village to make the diagnosis of the level of achievement of their rights. 
December 23rd, Lion's Club Melina honored its tradition:  visit and gifts of toys to the children as Christmas presents.

They thus wished the village a Merry Christmas, Good and Happy New Year 2009. The Orange/Mali Foundation invited S.O.S children to a ceremony of toys distribution to the children of its Personnel during which our children and their supervisors were honored with a dinner and received many toys. 

In addition, the formal training (initial phase) of the Trainee Mothers and Aunts of the future Village of Kita started on February 2nd, 2009.  Previous to that, 11 of them had attended a two months practical training in the Children's Village from December to January. 

The training of the nurses of the nursery started mid-February and followed by that of the women beneficiaries of the Family Reinforcement Program in partnership with the Group of the Retired Educators without Border of France (GREF). 

And the end of February was the festival of the cinema of the "Villages Enchantés (Magic Villages )" which, in addition to film projections, organised stands of village fair, painting workshops (where children showed their talents) and animation activities.  

The President of the Children’s Foundation, Espouse of the President of the Republic, invited this year again the S.O.S children and their supervisors to a cocktail dinner in the Presidential Palate where they all received gifts. 

In March, the SOS Mothers and Aunts in collaboration with the women of the community celebrated the International Women’s Day, 8th, March, chaired by Mister the Mayor of the Rural Commune of Sanankoroba. The national topic of this symbolic day was "Equal Responsibility for Men and Women in the Care of HIV/AIDS"

Also March, the Village received the visit of a hundred pupils of the French College Liberté A of Bamako. This day was full of wonders with choreographic dances, visit of places, sport meetings of football and basketball. 

At the national level, in spite of a good rainfall and the governmental commitment for the development of rice growing through what was called "Rice Initiative", the economic situation as regards supplying the population in cereals remains crucial. 

In the name of your sponsored SOS children as well as their Mothers and Aunts we wish you an excellent summer while reiterating you our sincere thanks for your unfailing generosity in spite of the financial crisis which affects the whole world.

With the Smile and the Hope of the SOS Children, please accept, dear Sponsors our heartedly greetings.

Malle Cisse, Village Director