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Despite falling poverty, Brazil's poorest children often grow up amid dangerous conditions in the country's favelas, where schools and hospitals are often non-existence. You can help provide care for some of these children in one of our 16 SOS Children's Villages. … more about our charity work in Brazil

Child sponsorship report from Poá, Brazil

Sponsor a child Poa, Brazil
Sponsor a child Poa, Brazil

Sponsor's update report from the SOS Children's Village from Summer 2009

Dear Sponsor,

Motivated by happiness, commitment, and responsibility, Poá SOS Children’s Village starts
the year doing socio-educational activities for children and teenagers that make them recognize themselves as an important part of their family, school, community and society. Such approach creates positive opportunities for our children and teenagers develop their physical, mental, moral, and spiritual skills according to the Children’s and Adolescents' Rights.

Among several happenings this first semester we chose some of them to tell you, thus you will have an idea what is going on here. At the beginning of the year we had great news. Two Family Development Assistants started their jobs. They are responsible for helping SOS mothers how to deal and look after children and teenagers development. Despite being very young, he is a psychologist and she is an occupational therapist, they have been conquering the SOS mothers respect and admiration for the work done.

Children and teenagers from Family-based Care Programme did many outings and went to birthday parties, besides celebrating Easter, Mother’s Day, and June Parties.

Pointing out we are very proud of our children for having a good performance in school and our youths for getting into the job market or taking vocational courses, like Eliana and Cibele who are working and now have been studying hard to go to university.

Our dear Cristiane is taking Business School at University and doing some vocational courses to help her to get a job.

Community and Family Strengthening Programme

The programme is very big! We are present in 5 places: São José and Nova Poá (districts in Poá city), Vila Paulistana, Itaim Paulista and São Miguel Paulista (the three of them are districts in São Paulo city, the largest city in Brazil), assisting 691 children and adolescents. Offering activities of recreation, sports, dancing, crafts, talking circles and workshops we discuss citizenship and community participation. Activities are split in 6 axes: Communication and Media, Art and Culture, Folklore Tradition and Culture, Health and Movement, Language, Citizenship and Environment.

Income generation workshop for women (decoupage course) was finished in March in São José and Itaim Paulista communities.  One of these groups is making a beautiful work to sell and increase their family wages.  Workshop is not only about learning a skill, but it is a space to share and change experiences, strengthen the self-esteem, build a community spirit and recognize the difficulties. It is a very special moment for all of them.

Our participation has been strong regarding external position. We are taking part in discussions and elaboration of Public Politics for children and adolescents assistance. In Poá we organized some meetings between social actors to debate difficulties and ways to solve them.

Also we participated at Municipal Council for Children’s and adolescents’ Rights (CMDCA).  In July we took part in the organising committee of Municipal Conference on Children’s and Adolescents’ Rights. Conferences aim to debate municipal/state/federal politics assuring children’s and adolescents’ Rights, evaluating advances and difficulties to implement ECA – Children’s and Adolescents Act – all over the country.

We can see that despite all our efforts and actions there are many other things to be done yet.

That is why your help is so important for us, thank you very much!

Enéas Machado, Director, Family-based Care; Josiane de Oliveira, Director, Family Strengthening &  Márcia Bertoletti, Co-ordinator, Sponsorship Department