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Child sponsorship report 2009 from Windhoek, Namibia

Child sponsorship Windhoek, Namibia
Child sponsorship Windhoek, Namibia

Sponsor's update report 2009 from the SOS Children's Village Windhoek, Namibia

Report from Winter 2009

Dear Friend,

On behalf of all the SOS Children’s Village children and staff, we wish to thank you for your generous assistance in providing a loving and caring home to 103 children and 5 youths in our care. They have returned to school after a short holiday and are busy preparing for their year end examinations. We did not experience so much of spring as summer has taken over with majority of the country experiencing warm weather.

It’s good to take a glance at the many happenings and movements that took place in the lives of the SOS children as they progress academically and physically in preparation of their future. Last year we’ve identified areas where children needed extra tuition and it has paid off especially in Mathematics, Science and English. Now that most of the children are geared towards facing the challenges, results will be hopefully more promising.

The three SOS children from the SOS Children’s Village who are enrolled at the Waterford Kamhlaba United World College in Swaziland are progressing very well. So far, the results of their two tests have indicated good results. A youth girl is studying Tourism, one at the College of the Arts as Visual Artist, another in Early Childhood Development.

One young adult is geared to study Theology with “Youth with a Mission” in South Africa.  Generally, majority of our SOS children have shown improvement in school with a small group that needs additional help.

The SOS Children’s Village children and youth are involved in soccer and participate in a Mini League especially the boys with the participation of a few girls. Our SOS children are also engaged in learning to play Rugby with the help of two National players. One of the highlights in their outdoor activities is Camps which they enjoy because of the link with other children and youth. Our SOS children are fortunate to be beneficiaries to programs presented by Philippi Trust, Blue Cross and Children in the Wilderness. This year saw pre-youth engaging in such an activity which they enjoyed very much as well as two youth who were invited to join others of their age on a Camp to the Naukluft Park, Namibia. This year also presented our SOS children with excitement at the annual Windhoek Show, the MTC Expo and a fun-day where other partners were involved. Right now all SOS children are busy with studies for the coming exams.

Soon everyone will gear themselves to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of SOS Children. In collaboration with the Rotary Club a barbecue is held at  the SOS Children’s Village.

We like to take this opportunity in thanking you, our valued friend for your ongoing generous support and wish you and your family a very pleasant Christmas and a Prosperous 2010.

Yours sincerely,

Rita Batson
National Sponsorship Coordinator