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Living standards are rising as China undergoes rapid development. However, children continue to grow up in struggling families amid poor conditions, particularly in rural areas. In ten Children's Villages across China, we give the most vulnerable children a loving home … more about our charity work in China

Child Sponsorship Report 2009 from Nanchang, China

Child Sponsor from Nanchang, China
Child Sponsor from Nanchang, China

A child sponsorship report from Children's Village Nanchang, China

SOS Children’s Village Nanchang, China
Work Report 2009

Under the direct leadership of Nanchang civil Affairs and SOS Association China, the coworkers and Mothers of Nanchang Village work hard to build happy and warm homes for 165 children and youngsters in Year 2008. The following is the full text of the report.

SOS Children’s Village

There are 12 SOS Mothers, 6 SOS Aunts and 14 coworkers working together to build homes for 110 orphans now. Among 110 children, 4 little kids are attending the SOS nursery in the Village, 43 students are studying in primary schools, 36 youngsters in middle schools (including vocational schools), 8 students in high school, 19 students in colleges or universities.

Now, you will so surprise to see that we have village band, electronic piano band and Chinese zither band. There is full with musical everywhere in our village. Every kids put their energy, time and love to their performance. Every Wednesday and Saturday night, they have training class. And the musical teacher will come to our village give kids a lesson that is about new melody or how to performance songs together well.

After long time training, our village band has great progress. And now village band has own uniform. Every kids take on the uniform so cute and freshly. Recently, they learn about a new song that name is Radetzky March. Right now, the village band can play this song very well. We are so proud of them. Maybe, you can see the performance by their side.

In the Children’s day, the mayor of Nanchang visited our village and celebrate Children’s day with our kids. The mayor inquired of SOS mothers about kids’ daily life and study. The mayor of Nanchang felt pleased with our word hard and great to see that SOS kids live in our village happily and peaceful. The village band gave great performance to our guest. We are full with wish that is our village will become better and better.

At the beginning of the year, we took a training lesson for the all youngster that name is “warm light training”. The training gave children, even us a lot of enlightenment. Through the training, children had learned about right way for listening to others and how to respect others. We will help kids build sunny and health mental attitude. Do not fear the failure, or do not be complacent when you succeed. We should have a kindly forgiving nature. All the kids will know about their SOS mother how hard word for them. Many youngsters wrote composition about what they learn from the training. We think our kids are growing up now.

Youth House

There are altogether 25 youngsters living in the SOS Youth House. These boys grow taller from day to day. This year, we took all the boys to visit a very famous local factory. Youngsters get to know about a factory how to operation. To be a worker will pay lot of patient and energy for the work. Our boys know that is not easy entering society after leaving SOS children’s village. They have to study harder and learn more from school. All the boys look around the work shop, office and eatery. And at the last, they have a lunch with worker in the eatery. They have Extraordinary Experience in the factory.

In the spring, they organize a basketball competition with local college student. That’s very exciting competition. Two teams try best to win the competition. Our boys have very great operation. Both speed and force are better than college team. So no doubt, our boys win the competition.

Last month, we hold a BBQ in the yard of Youth Hose. It likes a big party. We had prepared all the sauce and food. And the foods are corn, meat, vegetable and potato. Boys use the brush to put the BBQ sauce on the meat and broil it. We enjoy the time of BBQ.


There are 87 kids in the nursery, and there are 4 kids that come from our village. In the 2007, the nursery still organizes an activity that name is “I am best” to build up the confident of children. The children have different characteristic. Maybe he is no good at study, but he is good at singing. We will tell him to say ‘I am best in singing’ then we will asking him to show to his parents, and encourage him to do better. We also pay attention to the teaching skill of teaches. Having open class, its make teacher learn good way from other teacher to improve herself.

And in the children’s day, we took all kids to the Technopia Hall. And this year, we open the “language class” and “art class”. Every week, they will show their work to the parents.