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Child Sponsorship Report 2009, from Dakar, Senegal

Sponsored Children from Dakar
Sponsored Children from Dakar

A child sponsorship report from Dakar, Senegal. Written in 2009.

SOS Children of Dakar was 30 years old of existence on March 30th. It is planned to celebrate it by the end of the year. The village takes care of 150 children who are between 2 years and half and 15 years old, 67 girls 83 boys.

At the end of the school year 2008, 5 of the children candidates to the examinations sanctioning the last seven years of the elementary cycle (Certificate of Studies and the Entry in sixth at the college) brilliantly succeeded. The rate of total passage in class higher is 75%.

Currently, 28 children attend the nursery school, 106 are in elementary teaching, 12 in middle teaching; 1 in training, 3 don´t go to school (less than 3 years of age).

Several events have made the rhythm of the life of the village community:

  • The children were happy to mollycoddle their sheep for the festival of Aïd El Kébir in the court of the houses. The feast day, they were happy to put their traditional clothes and to go to the mosque close to the Village in order to pray.
  • At Christmas, the President of Senegalese Employers, a Civil Administrator, the Major Head of State of the Marine Senegalese allowed the children to enjoy it fully by offering Yule logs to the 15 family houses.
  • S.O.S mothers harness themselves with the preparation of the Easter and the dish of the Good Friday. Dish concocted with a cereal millet and groundnut paste. This dish, shared with Moslem, symbolizes the cement of a positive dialogue between  Islam and Christian.
  • The village community respects this solidarity. Children in the parish are framed for their first communion for May and June months.
Within the framework of the socio-cultural activities, the children undertook several activities. To celebrate the francophony day co-organized by a Senegalese arts centre and the delegation Wallonia Brussels in Dakar, they took part in a workshop of drawings on the topic ‘The management and the processing waste in your environment in strip cartoons

’. Our five young people were distinguished by taking the 2nd and the 7th price.

Olympiads were held in the 2nd SOS Children’s Village of Kaolack, gathering delegations of 20 children and accompanying the `Educators, monitors of villages). The children gained the 2nd price of the theatre, 3rd place with football, the 1st price of the traditional fight, the 1st price of the best footballer. The entire village reserved them a triumphal reception. The champion of fight was carried triumphantly by the elder children.  Their exploits were glorified by songs in their honour.

Surprised, they were very moved and gave the flag to the Director of the Village.  The children were to support by their Master of martial arts (Viet Vo Do) who passed a rank examination.

Within the village, Children and adults proceed to cleaning operations of all the village.  The children are responsible for the accesses of their family houses and the staff is divided into sectors for the maintenance of cleanliness at the Village.

The Village frames 108 teenagers who left the various SOS villages which reside in suburbs. Their framing is ensured by a teacher staff of young people who are in charge of the accompaniment of the follow-up of the young people. These young people and the picture framers initiated a visit at the Fort B where are held, in the bonds of the justice, the teenagers who are outlawed by society. They offered them food (cakes, delicacies, drinks).

The Village also supports 40 families in a district of Dakar (Taïba Grand Dakar) with more than 250 recipients, within the framework of the Family Strengthening Programme (FSP).

As the SOS nursery school, 190 children attend the school including 28 (19 boys and 9 girls) of the Village, 162 external (77 boys, 85 girls). Among the external 13 are exonerated from the school expenses (families disinherited near the village).

Christmas was celebrated in the garden by services, an animation; a meeting of photography followed by a handing-over of gifts and shared food.

Fatty Tuesday was marked by a masked ball, food shared by all and a photography meeting of the disguised children.

The nursery was equipped in new didactic material (tables, chairs, plays). The classes have a new decoration now.

The Village, very animated, receives continual visits:

  • Bank of Africa has offered computers and school stationed the Senegalese Artist such as Zal SECK, orphan of father, living in Canada held with his Canadian partners equipped the village with sport gears (2 football shirts , 2 basketball shirts ,  balloons, a score of kimonos (martial arts), a trophy, balloons of basket and football.
  • The Foundation of the Senegalese Artist Youssou NDOUR invited five of our children to his concert for children in an amusement park. Each child received gifts and delicacies.  In addition, the Foundation gave 450 stools with the label of the artist to the village.  Stools that the village of Dakar divided with all structures of S.O.S Senegal (Villages, kindergartens, schools, S.O.S PMI).
  • Two American students of Boston invited in Senegal by a Senegalese student made a gift of a retro multi-media projector Sony during their visit.
  • The Post office sent cardboards of toys to the children by their social service.
  • An NGO named Secours Islamique France equipped 400 children (clothing and shoes). This important gift was distributed to the villages and the Family Strengthening Programme of Dakar.

Dear sponsors, we thank you very sincerely as in our habit, we do it for all we respect. Your engagement, your availability in favours of our children touches us. Receive our thanks for your support in the name of all the community of the SOS Village of Dakar and particularly the children and the mothers.

Yours sincerely,

Maïmouna PENE

National Office