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Haiti Orphan Appeal: 198 lone children living in safe haven

Red crescent delivers 30 tonnes
Red crescent delivers 30 tonnes

Haiti Earthquake orphan news from 28/29 January 2010

The United Arab Emirates Red Crescent  delivered and donated 30 tons of supplies including food, tents and blankets and directly to the village! They also wish to set up a mobile hospital on the village compound, we will work out details over the weekend weekend. Security issues will be organised by them through an agreement with the Haitian government.

We are reviewing our strategy to build up a tent camp for lone children. We already have 198 arrived this week being cared for in our village houses, and more are arriving all the time but an initial check on the family situation of these children makes us think most of them will be with us for more than a short period, since appear to have lost all family and are young. We are therefore looking at more substantial infrastructure (water, hygiene, showers, kitchen, etc.) to adequately taking care of 300 additional children. Whatever is decided must be put in place immediately to be ready to the admission of more unaccompanied children.

Family strengthening and distribution of aid. Requests from more communities are being reviewed, and in total we now have 33 community centres distributing aid and working to feed and care for the children during the day. These are very basic structures organised by the communities in order to provide survival assistance to children; priority is given to small children.

The first medical centre is now operational and yesterday some 40 children received medical attention by the Dominican Red Cross that is based at the village.