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Gaza Blog: Haiti's disturbing earthquake and the SOS Children’s Village

Kamil Shamil“Sami” the 5 years old boy was watching TV with his family at one of the Village’s houses, he did not know that the photos that he was seeing was about the Haiti earthquake, he thought that the war had started again near the Village that he lives in along with his brothers and 4 sisters. He started crying and you could see the signs of fear on his face, But his sister “Alyaa” who is a few years older than him started to calm him down to get rid of his fear, she began to explain to him that those pictures is for an earthquake that had happened in a faraway place, but “Sami” did not know what an earthquake meant, all he knows is the sound of bombs and the images of destructions that he heard and saw in Gaza Strip.

“Khulood” she is 14 years old , she was watching TV with other girls in the youth girls house, the signs of sadness was obvious on their faces while there were watching such a disaster, suddenly “Khulood” called the management office and asked if there is any SOS Children’s Village in Haiti? And if there is anything happen to it? After a little while, The Village’s Director and the Educational guidance lady went to the youth girls house, some of the mothers and children had gathered in the Village’s courtyard, the youth girls were brought there as well to the spur-of-the-moment get-together. The Village’s Director started to assure  the audience that the SOS Children Villages are ok, and they were not harmed at all, based on what he have heard on the news and online, everybody started to talk and say how sorry they feel of what had happened to the people in Haiti.

All over Gaza Strip and in the areas near the SOS Children’s Village; the people had gathered around TV’s  to watch the destruction that had to the Haitian Capital which was caused by the earthquake, the people started to pray for them and also started to collect small donations even though the economical situation in Gaza Strip is not that great.
Some of the Village’s Workers had suggested that we can collect some small donation and send it to them, so the youth girls donated some of their daily allowance, as well as the mothers and the workers there in the village and then they have sent this money to the Red Cross so it can be sent to Haiti.In the SOS Children’s Village, everybody started the pray to God to ease on the people of Haiti and keep the safe as well as the SOS Children Villages.