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After the devastating earthquake in 2015, we provided food, water, and first aid to families in desperate need. With ten Villages across Nepal and three in the crisis zone, we are continuing to deliver care to children separated from their families. … more about our charity work in Nepal

Sponsor's update from Surket, Nepal

Sponsor a child Surket, Nepal
Sponsor a child Surket, Nepal

Child sponsorship update from the SOS Children's Village Surket, Nepal from Winter 2008.

Dear Sponsors/Friends,

In this valuable moment we feel pleasure to send our best wishes to our friends and sponsors on the auspicious occasion of “MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009.” May the special warmth of X-mas brings happiness to your home, and remains for ever on this coming new year. Please accept our sincere thanks for your generous help to your sponsored child and the village.

It has already been more than eight months since the Constituent Assembly election was held. The main responsibility of the constituent Assembly is to write a new Constitution as per the great expectation of the Nepali people to make the country into a peaceful, stable and prosperous country. It is necessary to draft a new constitution in time to address the sentiments of all sectors of the society. The government has just formed the CA committee and it is said that the constitution will be endorsed by April 2010.

Equally we would like to share our happiness that a new SOS Children’s Village is being opened in the mid part of Nepal in Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha. Our children got an opportunity to run the program of Lying Corner Stone of this new village. Miss Seema Giri, a daughter of this village welcomed the distinguished guests. Up to second half of this year, we were able to admit five children in the village. The children are from far remote part of Nepal from Achham and Argakhanchi district. Now the total no of the children in the village is 134. In this coming year we will be able to admit more than ten children who are in need of our support. In this half year the children have been enjoying good health; and already have celebrated the biggest festivals of Hindu Religion with full cheer and excitement. The biggest festivals Dashain and Tihar were celebrated along with the youths from Nepalgunj and the children who have already settled in their biological families and in the society. They were here for main function and stayed for some couple of days in the family.

Education for a future in Nepal

Child sponsorship Surket, Nepal

This year, SOS Youth Facility Nepalgunj, which comprises separate residential facilities for boys and girls grown up at SOS Children's Village Surkhet, catered services for 75 (30 girls and 35 boys) youths. The services included guided living program, personal development program, psychosocial counseling, educational and career guidance, opportunities of appropriate educational and vocational training, support in exploring jobs, support in independent living, head-start program, support in marriage, support in reunion and integration with the biological family and after-care programme for the integrated youths. By the end of 2008, we have planned to make about 10 youths independent. Most of the youths whom you have been supporting are doing fine in their lives. The Facility has been providing opportunities for educational and career development of our youths as per their interest, aptitude and capacities. As such, the Youth Facility has been making special arrangements for many of our youths to pursue their education and training in other places also. All these youths have been found to be doing well in their studies and training.

SOS School has been able to render the best possible quality education by means of qualified, experienced teachers and exciting environment. It has been showing its notable performance not only in the academic field but also in the field of extra co-curricular activities. The success and the achievement of the school justify its aim of equipping the students with the skills required to be able to find a dignified place in the society. In this year, the school has successfully and differently accomplished all the scheduled programs like Quiz, Spelling and Oratory Contest, Essay Writing, Dance and Song Competition, One Act Play Performance, Poem Composing Contest, Story Writing, Moreover, the school had introduced two new programs like Grammar Contest and Master/Miss Talent 2008 and accomplished enthusiastically. Beside it, the school also conducted Four Days Workshop on Basic Journalism Course for the students of grade nine.

Once again we would like to thank our sponsors and friends for their valuable supports and hope our activities and achievements will satisfy them and we would like to send our warm wishes and regards of MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009.

Sincerely Yours,
M. B. Nepali, Asst. Director