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The Pakistan Supporters' Group

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Souriya Anwar with children from the SOS Children’s Village in LahoreWhat we do

The Pakistan Supporters' Group:

  • is a direct link between the UK and SOS Children's Villages in Pakistan
  • raises money for SOS Children's work in Pakistan
  • recruits sponsors for children in Pakistan who cannot grow up with their families.

How you can help

Sponsor a child in Pakistan

By sponsoring a child, you will help give a safe, secure upbringing to a child with no one else. Your support will help ensure they get the very best education and healthcare, and an SOS Mother to love and care for them every step of the way.

Child sponsorship is the best way to a make a real difference to a child's life. Learn more about child sponsorship in Pakistan.

Other ways to help

sponsor a child in Pakistan


The SOS Children's Villages Pakistan Supporters’ Group was formed in 1996 to support SOS Children's Villages in Pakistan. Since it was established, the group has raised a lot of money and

made a huge contribution to raising awareness of the charity in the UK.

How we have helped

The Pakistan Supporters Group has, thanks to the loyal generosity of many donors,  been able to transfer substantial sums to Pakistan in donations and sponsorships. This has funded the construction of family homes in Multan, Muzaffrabad, and Sargodha, and a community centre in the SOS Children's Village Sialkot. You can read more about SOS Children's work in Pakistan.

Hundreds of children have grown up in SOS Children's Villages in Pakistan over the years. Many of these children have blossomed into wonderful young men and women, settled down, got married and embarked upon their adult lives with the love, stability and strong education they gained at the SOS Children’s Village.

2010 Floods

Flooding in Pakistan in 2010 created a humanitarian disaster and affected over 14 million people. SOS Children launched an Emergency Relief Programme in the aftermath of the flooding, and are providing funds for over 100,000 food packages as well as medicines and tents to those worst affected by the disaster. SOS are still ready to provide shelter in our Children’s Villages for any unaccompanied children who are lost or orphaned as a result of the floods. You can find out more about our Emergency Relief Programme and how to support our appeal.

2005 Kashmir Earthquake

SOS Pakistan was the only charity authorised by the Pakistan government to take care of children orphaned as a result of the earthquake in 2005. SOS Pakistan began relief efforts within 48 hours of the disaster. Aware that children who have been displaced could find themselves on the streets, or worse, fall into the wrong hands, they began sending search and rescue teams to the affected areas. At the time, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said in an interview that “SOS Children’s Villages is the best custodian of our Kashmiri children”.

three young boys in classroom - Pakistan

As well as reuniting families, SOS Children provided a safe, permanent home for nearly 300 children who lost their parents in the earthquake. With over 30 years experience in transforming the lives of children who have no where else to turn, SOS is the only trusted home for these children.

Find out more about our work in the aftermath of the earthquake.

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Thanks to our supporters

A big thank you to everyone who has held an event, raised funds or supported the charity.