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Lesson plans

Pupils and teacher in front of blackboard, BasseThese resources are designed to help educate students and young people about the lives of children across the world, and the challenges that many of them face.

The resources cover three topics,  are downloadable, easy to use and adaptable.

They're perfect to print off and bring to the classroom. Feel free to pick and choose which activities you wish to use.

Lesson Plans

Click the links to open PDF versions of the lesson plans. Some of the presentations have accompanying PowerPoint presentations, which you can find in the section below.

Child labour India

Child Labour

Includes lesson plans and resources for KS1-2 & KS3-4 focusing on the problem of child labour in India.

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Child soldiers thumbnail2

Children in Conflict Zones 

Aimed at KS3-4, this lesson and activity pack focuses on child soldiers in Uganda and child refugees in Syria.

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Child refugees syria

Children in Conflict Zones 

An additional lesson and acrivity pack aimed at KS3-4 deals focused on the topical issue of Syrian child refugees.

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Child refugees syria

Children affected by Natural Disasters

Ideal for both KS1-2 & KS3-4, this pack looks at the issue of flooding in Pakistan.

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USA lesson plan thumbnail

Lesson based around the film Africa United

This lesson helps children understand the challenges of growing up in Africa using clips from the film Africa United. The plan includes an internet link to the film clips.

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PowerPoint presentations

These PowerPoint presentations referenced in the lesson plans are located here. They also make for excellent assembly and quick presentation resources. Click on the country's name to download.

  • India This presentation introduces students to SOS Children's Villages' work in India.
  • Uganda This presentation discusses child soldiers in Uganda and inlcudes a short film.
  • Syria This presentation looks at what life is like for Syrian refugees. A second PowerPoint on Syria introduces students to SOS Children's Villages' Syria Emergency Appeal. Find it here.
  • Pakistan This presentation focuses on the Pakistan floods of 2010.
  • Global work This presentation provides images required for the Global Work lesson plan.

World Orphan Week

These presentations are downloadable as PDFs. We made them for school assemblies during World Orphan Week to help children better understand what it is like to grow up without a mother and father, but you can give them at any time of year.

  • Click here to download the primary presentation and here for the accompanying notes.
  • Click here to download the secondary presentation and here for the accompanying notes.

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Other SOS Children's Villages resources

Our Africa

We also have a collection of information and films made by children in our SOS Children's Villages across Africa on www.our-africa.org. There are also a number of Our Africa teaching resources which you can use in the classroom or as homework exercises.

Wikipedia for Schools

This is a child-friendly version of the Wikipedia website. It is available here on the website as well as on a USB memory stick.

Scout & Guide resources

We have a number of resources available for Scouts and Guides which you can download and use.