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School resources

Here you can find a wealth of resources for schools and youth groups about development issues around the world. Use them as they are, or feel free to adapt them to suit your needs and purposes.

Our aim is to help develop young people's knowledge of some of the most important development issues, and how these affect children's lives around the world. The resources also look at what SOS Children is doing to address these issues.

Knowledge is power

We think that giving students and young people information about children in other countries is incredibly important. Children are the decision-makers of tomorrow and equipping them with knowledge like this gives them the opportunity to create a better future for all children.

What does SOS Children do?

SOS Children is a global charity which provides orphans and vulnerable children with a stable and positive family life. We protect and improve the lives of children in 125 countries, working with communities to keep fragmenting families together, and where this is not possible, building new families for children at risk.

Working together with deprived communities, we identify needs and provide practical and emotional tools for parents and caregivers. When children lose their families and have nothing and no one, we ensure that they can grow up in a safe environment by creating new families. Headed by SOS mothers, families live together in our unique SOS Children’s Villages, which are located in the heart of communities. 

SMV - education bookWe establish schools and medical centres to ensure that more children have the opportunity of an education and access to quality medical care. Every year, our programmes reach over two million people.

Learn more about our educational projects around the world. 


Zimbabwean children: SOS Children works to help children in Zimbabwe in our three SOS Children’s Villages.