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BT MyDonate - the best way to fundraise online

Children from Cochabamba, Bolivia, at the computerWe're big fans of BT MyDonate at SOS Children. We believe it is the best way to raise money online, because more money reaches the children we care for.

Why fundraise online?

  • It's quicker than using a form - your supporters get fast access to your fundraising page.
  • You can use social media to your advantage by linking your supporters straight up.
  • On average, donations are higher online.
  • Sites are easy to use - they are designed to make giving money straightforward.

What makes BT MyDonate best?

Put simply, BT doesn't take money away from contributions like other providers do.

If you received a pledge of £10, BT wouldn't take a penny of that in commission or admin - unlike competitors JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving. And if Gift Aid is added to this pledge, SOS Children will receive an additional £2.50 on top of that £10. Unlike JustGiving, BT won't charge commission on Gift Aid either.

In fact, the only charge applicable to this total amount of £12.50 would be a maximum of 15p for the card payment.

This outstretches nearest competitor Virgin Money Giving by 20p, while beating JustGiving by 60p - a significant amount when you take into account all the donations SOS Children receives.

By choosing BT MyDonate, you will ensure that more money reaches the children we care for.

To fundraise with MyDonate, go to https://mydonate.bt.com/event/startFundraising.html.