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Our partners

The solar panels reduce the cost of electricity for each family home by more than a thirdFrom small businesses to global corporations, a multitude of organisations help future generations all over the world by partnering with SOS Children's Villages UK.

Why not join us in making the world a brighter place for the most vulnerable children? By partnering with SOS Children's Villages UK, you'll be joining the names below in placing corporate social responsibility at the heart of your business.

We are delighted to announce that our SOS Children's Villages UK has been chosen as Ryanair's European Charity Partner for 2016! Read more...       Ryanair logo


“HSBC has worked closely with SOS Children's Villages UK for over five years. We value their global reach, and also their approach to creating a family atmosphere to help children and young people work towards a positive future. SOS Children's Villages also welcome our local staff to contribute to the children's education and sense of belonging, and this involvement is something that we know motivates our people and helps not only SOS, but also HSBC - it's a truly win / win partnership.”
–Simon Martin, Head, Group Corporate Sustainability, HSBC Holdings plc


“BT believes in the power of communication to make a better world and, by bringing broadband internet access to 20 Children’s Villages across Africa, we hope to improve thousands of lives.”
–Kevin Taylor, President BT Asia, Middle East & Africa

Amec Foster Wheeler

“Amec Foster Wheeler has been supporting SOS Children's Villages UK for several years. We particularly appreciate their global footprint and local involvement. Amec Foster Wheeler has matched employee fundraising for specific villages as well as for disaster response appeals to help Chile, Haiti, Pakistan and East Africa. We are very proud that our cooperation with SOS Children's Villages can make a difference where it is needed.”
–Tereza Urbankova, Internal Communications Manager


“I really value the support we get from our SOS Children's Villages UK account manager – we are in regular contact, be that around employee-led fundraising; corporate reporting; or ways to further improve the impact of our partnership work. It is essential to have a strong ally for effective collaboration.”
–Marie Broad, CSR Manager

Further corporate partners of SOS Children's Villages UK

Corporate supporters and sponsors

Other supporters and sponsors of SOS Children's Villages UK include:

  • From Babies with Love
  • Milli Millu
  • Albatross
  • BearGood
  • BullionVault
  • Cleveland Technologies Group
  • Chavin

...and many more!

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You and your company can make a real impact on the lives of vulnerable children all over the world by becoming our next corporate partner.

If you'd like to partner with us, email our corporate team on or give them a call on 01223 365589.