Free General Purpose eCards

You can get in touch with your friends, family or colleagues and let them know about our work by sending an SOS Children General Purpose eCard via email for free (we also have other eCards). It only takes a minute to do and you get to preview the completed card before you send it. The delivered cards do not rely on visiting our web site to view them. We do not retain your details or those of people to whom you send cards.

Please choose an image for your eCard

A girl from SOS Children's Village Nairobi in Kenya A girl from SOS Children's Village Retalhuleu in Guatemala Boys and girls in the garden at SOS Children's Village Rionegro, Colombia Children from SOS Children’s Village Thanh Hoa in Vietnam Children holding hands, in SOS Children's Village Bakoteh in Gambia Children playing from SOS Children's Village Hyderabad in India Three children from SOS Children's Village Cairo in Egypt Children from SOS Children's Village Nairobi in Kenya playing outdoors