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Child sponsorship 2009 update from Maseru, Lesotho

Warm greetings from SOS Children’s Villages Lesotho of the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.

Thanks to your continued support for we survived another year and will be happy to hear that this was one of the best years even though there were still some hardships.

Your continued support enabled housing of four new children in the village while 14 will move in once the legal procedures are completed. The legal admission procedure was changed and takes a longer time than we anticipated hence the delay in their placement in the village.
Children from the SOS Children's Village Maseru, Lesotho


  • First child from the village passed his primary leaving examination ranking among first top 10s countrywide
  • First time to have 11 students at university level
  • One youth boy completed his International Baccalaureate from Ghana College and got himself scholarship to study in USA
  • Two girls joined SOS Ghana International College


  • Metals were flying into the village
  • Lehlohonolo was awarded gold metal for top goal scorer from schools tournament
  • Molateli crabbed soccer boot gold metal and trophy and best player of the tournament from an annual “Nathanael City Lepota Tournament” honouring one soccer legend, “City Lepota”
  • Malebo scooped two gold metals for top goal scorer from Maputo and best player of the tournament in Swaziland
  • Cyclists – became position two from one national cycling competitions

Community Integration:

  • SOS team that plays at B division comprises children from the SOS Children’s Village and others from the neighbouring community
  • Some youths from the SOS Village play in various teams at A and premier league divisions
  • Some of the youths are active members of different social clubs including dancing, church, singings and drama
  • One youth is an active member of the Lesotho Planned Parenthood Association – their activities comprise HIV/AIDS advocacy through drama, workshops, soccer, and music
  • Two youths were placed at one surgery while awaiting their entrance at university as internship programme
  • Youths from the SOS Children's Village together with those supported by FSP attended a work camp in one district in the mountains to help collect firewood for those in need

Integrated youths:

  • A large number is still supported fully since they are still schooling at various universities, vocational schools and high schools while a few are happily married. Unemployment still remains the country’s biggest challenge. However to try and address this problem especially for those who are academically challenged the sewing project was started with three youth girls. The aim is to initially produce uniform for the SOS Primary School. Things going well it will expand to attract a wider market of other schools.
  • One who was seriously sick passed away in September.  She was reunited with her relatives in 2006 but due to her sickness, and failure of her relatives to take good care of her she was brought back to SOS Children’s Village where she was fully supported.


  • High teenage pregnancy among youth girls whose male friends deny their responsibility. Workshops are held to sensitize them of risks; opportunities they deprives themselves of and the bitter results of the situation. Pregnant youths receive household allowance for six months after confirmation of their pregnancy and start capital for small project to generate income
  • High unemployment rate

The other facilities are still running smoothly. The SOS Primary School for the first time registered its name among top the10 best students nationally in last year’s primary leaving students. This year they celebrated Moshoeshoe’s Day with their counterparts, neighbouring schools. They won trophy in “Mokhibo traditional dance = female dance, swinging shoulders and heads kneeling on down with rhythm”. As community outreach programme class 1 – 3 pupils visited one hospital and gave out presents.

The Family Strengthening Programme has 485 beneficiaries. Some receive food packages, some receive seeds and others receive uniform depending on different situations per family assessments. Some of the beneficiaries were screened from the programme because they passed their high schools well and joined the universities. Thanks to your continued support.

The clinic is still busy especially with the flue out break that is troubling the entire country.  However they are taking control. It has been elected to participate in pilot project for Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTC) of HIV/AIDS by Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW). It is already sensitising the community about this issue by holding public gatherings and workshops.

The SOS Nursery School enrolment increased slightly.  About 20% of pupils here are supported by SOS Children’s Village through its two facilities, FBP & FSP. There are 42 graduates this year.

Another Children’s Village is under construction in the southern part of the country in Quthing district.  It is nearly completed.  The FSP Coordinator for this village recruited earlier this year and interviews are underway for recruitment of other staff.

On behalf of the National Association, the children, the mothers, the staff and the entire Basotho Nation I would like to forward my sincere heartfelt appreciation to your continued support and commitment towards these less advantaged Basotho children. Through your support they are able to grow in happy families, with love, care and security which enable them to develop their own future and become better citizens of this country and also become good inhabitants of this world.

Once more thank you.  We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year.

Mr. Robert Ts’euoa
Project Director – SOS Lesotho


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